RFOlympic Golden Age

ANNOUNCE Game Account Registration

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  • Use only actual (real) email address, you need to activate your game account via email, if you do not activate your game account you will not be able to start playing the game.​
  • Password example - UserUser10 (do not use simple passwords).​
  • To help with your password you can use - Password Generator
  • You can change your password or restore via email.​

ANNOUNCE Game Client RFOlympic

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Good day, Olympians

Olympic Golden Age server is ready and you can start downloading the client to play on it. Press this red button 🙂

Since we created a new cabinet for players, we need a little more time to test it.
Soon we will open it for everyone and you will be able to create accounts for playing on the new Golden Age server. We plan to finish the work in a couple of days.

To play on our new Golden...

UPDATE [RFOlympic] Golden Age Workflow

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Hello Olympians, in this topic I will post all info about new features and updates of Golden Age Olympic server.​

Our new "buf system"




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