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No plan to revive the server?

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We are all waiting for your actions. We are all spectator. Revive your server make events make yout GMs active again.
server discussion.

Push notification

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Good day, please enable Push notification in your forum account


This may be you know the latest RFO news

Olympic FAQ

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To keep the forums clean and neath as well as to make the staff's job a little easier, I present to you:

The RF Olympic FAQ!

1. I want to donate but the game CP gives me an error, where can I donate?
You can send a private message to the admin TRON in which you can ask him how to donate. He will explain to you the various methods and details.
You can contact him by sending a PM using this link: TRON

2. My account has a ban time of 3 days, but it's still banned after 3 days! What to do?
Just wait, unbanning is fully automatic. The ban times are in GMT+1, Not your local time. If you're in asia you'll have to wait another 5-6 hours depending on you location and DST.
And please read the rules so you won't get banned again: Server Rules.

3. I´ve made an account...

Getting Started

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A detailed guide how to connect RFOlympic.

STEP 1 - Account registration!

We're happy to see that you noticed this server looks badass and decided to give it a try. We will walk you through the installation of the RF Online client and the installation of our patch in order to access RFOlympic.​

STEP 2 - Client Download & Installation...

method 1 - Full Client Download & Installation.
First of all you will need the RF Online client. RFOlympic is currently running on The Bellato Strike Back Episode 2 Part 2 Update3.
Use the link below to start downloading it.