RFOlympic Golden Age


ANNOUNCE Game Account Registration

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  • Use the only actual (real) email address, you need to activate your game account via email, if you do not activate your game account you will not be able to start playing the game.​
  • Password example - UserUser10 (do not use simple passwords).​
  • To help with your password you can use - Password Generator
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  • You can change your password or restore it via email.​

ANNOUNCE Game Client RFOlympic

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Good day, Olympians

Olympic Golden Age server is ready and you can start downloading the client to play on it. Press this red button 🙂

Since we created a new cabinet for players, we need a little more time to test it.
Soon we will open it for everyone and you...

UPDATE [RFOlympic] Golden Age Workflow

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Hello Olympians, in this topic I will post all info about new features and updates of Golden Age Olympic server.​

Our new "buf system"




EVENT Second Coming

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"Second COMING"

Greetings to the Olympians.The treacherous traitors of the races united and stole secret documents from the Novus cartel.
They managed to get to Elan. They hid behind the Ruin pillars and are waiting for the ship.

Mechanics of action:
~ Get to the designated "Elan" territory 5 minutes before the start. (It is important to take a position so that there is room for other races)
~ When the Game Master announces the start, the task of all races is to kill other races. And the victorious race must kill the traitors who are trying to escape with secret documents.

[COLOR=rgb(26, 188...


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TIME : 06:57:38​
WIN : Redeemer
and fist in the ladder:​
Will get a prize: 50 GamePoints
You can keep it for yourself, or you can sell it to other players.​
Please open a ticket to get your prize.​

Enemy at the Gates / Callian Invasion.

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Enemy at the Gates / Callian Invasion.
Important alert for all Novus citizens. Enemy at the gate, FURIOUS monsters arrived from "Eter" on our lands. They attack local residents, arrange disruptions in the supply of paramilitary equipment to protect civilians.
Mechanics: of action:
At the specified point in the "Sette Desert", task of each race is to clear the territory from the Callian invasion. Protect your land, the outcome of events depends on your actions.
At the event it is...


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Abusing Bugs/ Game Exploits

Any activity that is used for personal profits or causes damage to others by exploiting in-game bugs/errors can be subject to a permanent ban.​
1. Hiding Inside Mau, Tower Inside MAU or Beacon prohibited.​
2. Logging out while being attacked (FORCE LOG-OUT)​
3. Safe Zone De-Buffing, Healing​
4. Port in the area: Tower placement, Trap Placement.​
5. Chaos Potion Abuse on lowbies is not allowed.​
7. Blocking NPC in any way.​
1st Attempt - 5hr Ban to 1 Day Ban
2nd Attempt - 1 Day Ban
3rd Attempt - 5 Day Ban

[Notice] Update your Email Address!

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I would like to remind everyone to please update your email address. If you are using an old email address (e.g) email address that is no longer accessible please replace it with a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS.

Updating your email address will have your forum account free from any unnecessary links. Having it updated also will allow you to post freely in forum, you are allowed to edit, start a thread and reply to every players you wish to quote.

Update your Forum Account's email address to use forum conveniently.

Thank you.