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  1. CreamO
  2. jamesdiaz1
    Stay Frosty ! I Got This !
  3. jamesdiaz1
    jamesdiaz1 TRON
    PM Sent, I need your help GM Tron
    Please check your messages
  4. Liza
    Liza TRON
    GoodMorning sir . i just want to ask , may name was gone is banned list . but still i cannot log sir i want to play now .. i hope you can fix it .. thankyou in advance more power RF OLYMPIC .

    IGN; LizaBezarano
  5. Liza
    Liza i[AcePlayer]
    Sir . GoodEvening . my name gone in banned list . but still i cannot log in . why is it sir ? i dont understand it . can you fix it , i want to attend the CW sir . thank you in advance sir . More Power Rf Olympic !
  6. Liza
    Liza kaleb
    Sir . GoodEvening . my name gone in banned list . but still i cannot log in . why is it sir ? i dont understand it
    1. kaleb
      it is missing in the list of tires list but you are still exposed to the ban until the time already in the specified you can login
      May 18, 2018 at 2:40 PM
  7. Murphy Gil Galao
  8. julesmaldito
    julesmaldito LaCervezaFina
    Hi GM please pm me. I just have a question.
  9. xGame0ver
    ''Gamers Never Die They Respawn :)
  10. Badd$
    Hiatus for a while. I'll be back in June.
  11. Liza
    Liza i[AcePlayer]
    Unfair kaayu mu sir . Ngano sa iyaha diay tu ga TT mi ni Takiya ?? Di man gud tu sa iyaha sir . Ngano gi banned diretso ? Igna Takiya kay kame man gud ga lalis duwa . Hayyss . Pa unbanned nku sir akuang accnt . Maski 48hrs ra banned sa akua . Sayanga pud vacay nku sir .
  12. jtrailgun
    your attitude in the game is same with your attitude in real life. so be yourself.
  13. jtrailgun
    jtrailgun LaCervezaFina
    hay idol. how is ur day? can u check ur fb account. i pmed u there . thanks ^^
  14. CreamO
    CreamO lauren12345
    yow boss macho musta na?? almost 4yrs narin kmi ng hybernate hehe dmn i miss our guild
  15. fajrinzued02
  16. chkdsk24
    hello why i cant create an account i did the following instructions but its not accepting my password
  17. BoszYunaKhim
    BoszYunaKhim SexBalls
    Hi sir.. can u check my account profile? i lose my old account password and fg pm me sir thanks
  18. GROVE666
  19. rapregie09
    i forgot my password
  20. cucok80
    cucok80 zurcyoj
    I want ask you sir.
    if in the event allowed ally?
    1. zurcyoj
      Hi GIX, can you post your question in the Event discussion thread, so that others may see it also.
      Apr 30, 2018
    2. cucok80
      sorry sir me cant make thread. if in the event you allowed ally is not fair terms for the race that has benefitted only ally
      Apr 30, 2018