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  1. sephiroth28
    sephiroth28 TRON
    Good day, How to send a PM here?
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  2. Aaron Que
    Aaron Que TRON
    Hello! How to send a message here?
  3. andrie2594
    what does it mean? Error:server error 3 can anyone Help me here
  4. cash1
    cash1 TRON
    Sir TRON I haven’t played for so ages and I would like to recover mi acc the acc was created under [email protected] and thanks tried to pm you but dk how to do it
  5. onetneck
    i think i must also afk here not always in game,haha..hallo rodel.
  6. onetneck
    hi to all.
  7. mochmirro08
    mochmirro08 TRON
    Dear Mr. Tron, may ask where I can talk about deposits #plglipp xd~
    1. TRON
      pm me here on the forum.
      Sep 22, 2018
  8. Xavier
  9. Badd$
    9/1/18 back in action!
  10. bicolano677
    Good day gm's! Why this rfo no gm active...
  11. tednormansamala
    tednormansamala TRON
    hi tron i want to donate can i use my credit card or debit card?
  12. bicolano677
  13. hippo_jan2
    hippo_jan2 i[AcePlayer]
    hi Ace its SuperStriker07 can you unbanned my another account

    Reason of banned:AFK at CRag during CW i used him for storage only i get hms and afk at crag mine but GM banned me for saying dual log in..i dont use 2 account then paly at the same the afk king in HQ..=) =)

  14. StratoSpHere
    StratoSpHere TRON
    Tron, the Paypal link for donation is not working, either here in forums or in the main website. How can I donate using Paypal account?? Help please!!!
  15. nicolay
    nicolay Percuteur
    Hi Sir, Would like to assistance with my account. I got Error Login: Already Login, kindly log it out please.
    IGN: Nicolay
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    2. nicolay
      Hi Sir,
      Hope I can join tonight's war.
      Aug 3, 2018
    3. Percuteur
      try this, when you got DCed, click your RFO client again, but don't login to the game, go to the task manager, in the Processes section find the "RF_Online.bin", then right click on it, then click the "Go to details", once you're there, right click again on the "RF_Online.bin, then click "End Task"
      Aug 3, 2018
    4. Percuteur
      usually once you got DCed from the game, your RFO client is still running, and this thing take awhile before your system detect that you're not in the game anymore, that's why you can't login back, and you keep on receiving the System Message " Error Login: Already Login
      Aug 3, 2018
  16. jomoc1128
    「C M D」
  17. jomoc1128
    Hi I'm cmd!
  18. jomoc1128
  19. annaliseclay
    annaliseclay kaze48
    Au sau-na suht tui ent
    Nekek Ur rut-s rut-a enhksh-s
    enhksh-a seset-s nivu seset-a nivu
    seseta aru. Unu tephet-a
    seph-sen. Ksher kshu em kshennu
    kekui her kshat nepver em Neter. Amen.
  20. leosual
    leosual TRON
    the item will unli ?