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  1. BlackEvil
    BlackEvil LaCervezaFina
    I hope you read my post tnx
    i`m very need your help i cant play RFO
  2. BlackEvil
    BlackEvil LaCervezaFina
    Hi sir i need help to retrieve my account....someone changepass my account
    IGN: BlackEvil[Kush]
    Race: Bellato Side

    Thank you for your cooperation Tnx
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    2. LaCervezaFina
      And we also recomend putting master password to any account to prevent hacking.,
      Feb 18, 2018 at 11:32 AM
    3. BlackEvil
      but i dont want master pass sir because the master password cant be change pass... so if they know my master pass they can always log in it anyway tnx for PM me JH you are my lodi GM
      Feb 18, 2018 at 11:06 PM
    4. BlackEvil
      but can i ask ??? if i want to retrieve my acccount it needs 100 C ?
      Feb 18, 2018 at 11:07 PM
  3. BlackEvil
    BlackEvil TRON
    Sir Gm check please my Account ... someone change pass it ..
    IGN: BlackEvil[Kush]
    Race: Bellato side
  4. Paulets
    Paulets TRON
    Tron if i donate now can you give the credits asap? Like now? Ill use my paypal
  5. portal456
    portal456 TRON
    Sir Gm can you check my account please i lost password?
  6. Suzy
    Suzy zurcyoj
    what the ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff? congrats
    1. zurcyoj
      thanks Bop and welcome back
      Feb 8, 2018
  7. Donex
    GOOD day sir TRON help me to unban my char lvl 85 ACCRE.i dont know why got ban my char!!!if have payment how much for unban sir??
  8. meldo
    meldo TRON
    hello sir tron.. i have a long password it exceed more than 12,
    can you help me change my game account pass.

    user name: melvin04
    email: [email protected]
  9. JassonMatuguina30
    Smile Whatever Happens
  10. JassonMatuguina30
    Single (But not available)
  11. !Nathan
    !Nathan stormblake
    Can I play again to your server I am bored doing nothing here. By the way, I just got home from my duty. Can you help me recover my account . I miss playing RFO. I'll be waiting for your reply. Please sent me some notification about my account . thank you !

  12. June Mare B. Ligan
    June Mare B. Ligan kaze48
    hi kaze can I you give me a skin interface for the white armor ACC? thanks a lot
  13. June Mare B. Ligan
    June Mare B. Ligan john1450
    hi john me too also can you send me a link of your skin interface? thanks a lot
  14. NikiiPT
    up up
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  15. bongz42000
    bongz42000 john1450
    hi John, can you please send me a link of your skin interface the original white armors. i like that skin bro. :D
  16. 1515875565
    1515875565 i[AcePlayer]
    Hi sir Ace i just have some problem with my account can help me ?
  17. jtrailgun
    ∞ online but offline ∞ afk often, focusing on study, wish me luck ∞ good luck bells ∞
  18. Nathan70
    Nathan70 zurcyoj
    Congrats dude
    1. zurcyoj
      thank you Nathan
      Jan 26, 2018
  19. fanpage
    sir..please unbaned my account please i want to play again rf olympic user: hackgame05 please sir..and more power
  20. portal456
    Lets Back RFOgame