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Aug 28, 2014
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Olympic GameMasters, from Cagayan De Oro, Philippines.

@cafe0123 can you send me a screenshot and post it here : https://forum.rfolympic.com/index.php?posts/492305/ Jun 13, 2017

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Feb 16, 2019 at 10:16 AM
    1. UnchainChaos
      Hi Gm Ace its UnchainChaos , can you unbanned my account . reason Inacative Council but that was a mistake a should'nt run but my pilot use my account i already told him that i will not run for that week . Please GM give me 1 more chance to play rfo , thats my only treasure since 2011. i wish i got a response i will not do it again
      Thank you . UnchainChaos Banned Permanent 9999 TTM you post to ban list .
      1. i[AcePlayer]
        Please send me a private message, not here.
        Oct 27, 2018
      2. UnchainChaos
        i dont know how to pm you sir. maybe in facebook yes .
        Oct 28, 2018
    2. hippo_jan2
      hi Ace its SuperStriker07 can you unbanned my another account

      Reason of banned:AFK at CRag during CW i used him for storage only i get hms and afk at crag mine but GM banned me for saying dual log in..i dont use 2 account then paly at the same time...im the afk king in HQ..=) =)

    3. jtrailgun
      Good days Idol. im owner of Arival, council of bell @ striker spot. I cant join 1st cw bcoz im doing important thing about my studies. thanks for your permission.
    4. solanap23
      ikaw 2ng nag banned skoa sir , huhu
    5. solanap23
      hi sir maayong udto pwde pa tabang sa akung account nga Cemneteryo ACCRETIA dugay na kaayo 2a na error 40, wala pud sya sukad na butang sa banned list, taga cdo ra gyapon ko sir sa jasaan , pls tabange ko
    6. Liza
      Sir . GoodEvening . my name gone in banned list . but still i cannot log in . why is it sir ? i dont understand it . can you fix it , i want to attend the CW sir . thank you in advance sir . More Power Rf Olympic !
    7. Liza
      Unfair kaayu mu sir . Ngano sa iyaha diay tu ga TT mi ni Takiya ?? Di man gud tu sa iyaha sir . Ngano gi banned diretso ? Igna Takiya kay kame man gud ga lalis duwa . Hayyss . Pa unbanned nku sir akuang accnt . Maski 48hrs ra banned sa akua . Sayanga pud vacay nku sir .
    8. !Nathan
      Sir Ace pwede ko patabang.
    9. Paulangelie
      ace pa tabang be sa ako account di na nako ma open
    10. Piloto--
      Good Day sir ACE! is there anyway i can join those incentives event of yours :( Im not active at Forum 'cause im using only Internet data for playing RFO only it cant handled internet browsing. And i know im Fit at your requirements for that event. Your reply is much appreciated. Thank you sir -[Ciaossu]
      1. i[AcePlayer]
        Hi, there are still lots of events to come.
        Apr 2, 2018
    11. jcp124
      ace i cant log-in ingame havent been playing for quite some time and i forgot my IGN/PASS pm me
    12. leo13
      Hi sir...unbanned my account pls so i can play again in RFO and i will not be going to inactive council hope you understand RACE:ACCRETIA IGN:[MARINEFORD]
    13. 1515875565
      Hi sir Ace i just have some problem with my account can help me ?
    14. [B]lackberry
      evening ace.,
      iam already replys ur comment . please help me as soon as posible.
      thanks ace <3 fck i missed loggin on my account ^.^
      forgive my first mistake ace, and I promise this will be my last mistake. I also hope between accuracy and avoidance can return to normal
      more power. long last accretian [Y]
    15. Emps
      why ? why ?
      may nagawa ba akong kaslana paps ace? bat ako nabanned ? lvl 1 char banned ?
    16. Emps
      GM ACE IM ChrisBrown what why i got banned in CW war?
    17. Emps
    18. Emps
      Sir Ace
      What we need to talk Im here now pm me
    19. Emps
      Sir ACE what problem why i got banned?
    20. [B]lackberry
      iam also already sending u a messgae <3
      check the inbox. big thanks ace.
      please check it for now., i need my account back as rush as u can. >.<
      LINK : https://youtu.be/oeR9DeNgtuE
      sry for my late post ACE. thanks for your help !!! badly needed it XD
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      2. [B]lackberry
        this is the first mistake I made. but not without reason. you also know it ace, when you also become a player. rfo server down the population because, we as a player feel less comfortable when fighting with other race because of excess avoidance. I feel that ace.
        Jan 14, 2018
      3. [B]lackberry
        but now after the latest update. I am sorry to have upgraded grace hand to +7. I feel there has been a change for the acc race. Well, that's why I'm apologizing to you. because of my 1 fatal error. help and forgive me as player ace. big thanks for you. <3
        Jan 14, 2018
      4. [B]lackberry
        I will not try to upgrade grace hand to +7, if I do not feel there is a problem with dodge which is owned by the bellato race , ace. is it a bad thought and mistake? please set me up for the first time. <3
        Jan 14, 2018
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