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    1. Juney
      we have same old account :)
    2. Juney
      i have both windows XP and windows7 both works on me mistral :)
    3. yaobu1
      we`ll regarding their intention if it was to come with me or not we`ll see, but if it was me, i`d rather eat my words than stick to my words when it`s me that will suffer more despite i did a lot to help. because i already did plan to stick to bells before and you where the RL back then, but i was provoked by some guy from letorn making me go back to my race to make him realize that before isn`t the same as the present.
    4. yaobu1
      not really man, he just ran because he was told so. that time even, he has no donates because i told him not to since i was telling him to go with me already. that`s mostly the assumption of the people nearly the same as you. but i don`t blame them or you because it really did sound like that but it didn`t. that`s why he was convinced to move back with me, because of accusations, he really isn`t after the spot. it`s not that i`m being biased. it`s just that i know since we both talked about it leading to me convincing him to move with me. and as much as possible, i wanted him to stay to this race since it`s making me think twice to the other race when some really included me to personal stuff despite me being quiet
    5. yaobu1
      it was actually something that really got out of control to the people that hated him, it was also me that adviced him to move with me so that he can renew everything. he did state a reason though and despite things getting complicated, as a friend it`s kinda my responsibility to help them and give them a new place and make it as a new home, so it`s something that i really thought about to. it wasn`t really a matter of not sticking to that race, if they wanted to they can. but it wouldn`t be fun anymore if things wont change there. i don`t want them to stop also and leave so i gave them an advice to stick with me, i guess it`s a better reason that way
    6. Paranoia
      sup rumy.. when'll you play again? i hope you're playing again once i play again..

    7. NYTMARE17
      hi Rumia...
    8. Qatif
      The reason they are more comfortable with the council CR set is because :
      1. It gives 2.0 speed not 1
      2. They can always switch to +6 gloves
      3. WH needs the whole set to give bonus
      4. WH cant hit dodgers
    9. Qatif
      Its not worth it so dont waste your lgs over nothing
    10. Starburst
      Yes, sadly, dodge isn't really all that effective (in pvp). Maybe on a mage x ranger council, but not on a mage x warrior. Many seem to carry around a CR set, shield and leon knife, and switch to that + heal when they get focused. On my normal char, I use a backup +5 wh cr set, it works well. The problem, I noticed, is that the defense gauge drops too fast. I'll have to ask TRON to add the premium def gauge pots back to the shop.
    11. Starburst
      It's a general video to show that bells are not as helpless as many claim. Also, the only way for dodge to return to early levels (it was never nerfed), would be to wipe all +6 gloves, and that's just not going to happen. How much do you have without a leon bow?
    12. Starburst
    13. dr4thugo
      Also you realise that i have a Bell. Its my other main Character. You know every month i change races. To keep myself entertained. I played as a ranger and as a mage. I know just how hard it is to kill those toons. Hence i did say i agree with you. However on the dodge section. It obviously favors the rangers since you get 30 more dodge no matter what. For force users achieving that now is impossible.
    14. dr4thugo
      I know. I am aware of it. I was playing a mage just before i bought my WH set in ACC. And i am all for the change in those armors. I mentioned there that i agree with what yall are all saying.
    15. hanes
      newbie mistake, still getting used to being like this LMFAO

      Merry Christmas
    16. hanes
      already asked about it to Heavy, i didnt ban sweetcandy for 2 days because i wanted to wait for another GM to check it out
    17. hanes
      thank you
    18. ffxiii
      as long as his banned its ok i think gm's can track IP add of that person.
      hmm as for storage.. i send it via mail to my own character or other account. its safer that way no need to delete any character its a lot of work but its safe :)
      since most of my IGN is compost of L hehehe

      i saw alot of players using other ppls IGN such as iMistral, iMuraki and so on..
      easiest name to be copied is those who have L and I
    19. ffxiii
      your name will end up with bunch of random numbers
      hmm if tron can't help delete who copy your name. well atleast he can change your name and inform every1 your new IGN
    20. ffxiii
      i did warn you about ppl copying names :D thats y i hate it. its annoying :P
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