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Feb 16, 2018
    1. i[AcePlayer]
      Thats good to hear:)
    2. i[AcePlayer]
      You're back!
    3. i[AcePlayer]
    4. lauren12345
      Thanks again pal! :)
    5. i[AcePlayer]
      I'm very busy sorry bro.
    6. sinsdamn
      hmm okay hope everything will be alright.
      great to know your zeal to investigate looking forward for injustice, uphold responsibility keep it up bro especially in life hahah
    7. sinsdamn
      lol? is it because yourebanning a donor? gosh
    8. sinsdamn
      so is there any possibility my item will be back to me? or its totally gone?
    9. sinsdamn
      Hm RT stands for Race Trade right? Like bcc to acc or bcc to ccc? Is my case included as RT? Omg lol ill be in big trouble then if i thought my case is RT instead of Council Trade (same race trade)

      Hahhah yah im not going to find out even dress-s
    10. sinsdamn
      hi im feeling good

      thanks a lot for everything youve done sir. really really appreaciate that.

      yeah, im doing council trade previously because i ever got your help like twice for bellato to bellato trading and i think council trade is secure one until i found out, im not helped by a council alone, i mean i was helped by a GM whose in council account (xBazinga) which is you LOL

      anw, this will be the very last time i put a trust on tuxedo-suit with aura with them in the game.

      p.s: i dont know about the dress-suit with aura (#lol)
    11. sinsdamn
      hi shady
      hows the process?
      just to make sure, im not doing race trade. Im trading bellato to bellato and im asking council for help for secure trading involving LGS in big amount and unfortunenately, our beloved council is fake and scammer even he's a donor
    12. sinsdamn
      Sent to your email twice, the first one is my chat with Gaetano and Lucifer. Second email is Gaetanno responds in race chat

      May you check it out
    13. sinsdamn
      Hi good afternoon Shady
      Yes may i have your email please? all ss images are on .jpeg and to be honest im not familiar with the inserting image feature in the forum haha lmao

      yes im IGN: LoveLoveSin/LifeNeverFlat
      all characters in bells, well you know LifeNeverFlat hahah
    14. sinsdamn
      i can give you the SS of the chat my ID, Lucifer and Gaetano
    15. sinsdamn
      Hi Shady, this is the copy of my message to GM TRON please check it out

      Hi GM TRON, today 7 september 2015 at 11:30 PM GM+7, i got scammed by a bellato council named Gaetano.
      The scenario is started from my account IGN: LoveLoveSin having a deal with IGN: Lucifer to trade my dagnu ring to 5.3k PCS LGS. Then, Gaetano suggested to give him my Dagnu ring to make sure Lucifer trust our deal. Then he suggested also for Lucifer to trade the LGS to him. Once he got my dagnu ring and 4.5k LGS FROM Lucifer, suddenly he got disconnected from game and not coming back. may you check him. I cant give you much evidence due to i think council trade will be secure like previously i get help from xBazinga which is GM Shady in bells. all of your help is totally appreciated sir
    16. raoken
      Credits pls
    17. Sextopus
      hahhahah thanks my brother from another mother
    18. Sextopus
      credits please
    19. xolovestephi
      Gratz new noob Mod wkwkwkwkwk
    20. AllIsWell
      Congratulation! :D Olympic Forum Moderators.
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