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    Hi all players of Bellato Union, good day!
    Here I wanna introduce new guild with name

    ∞ steps to be shining star ∞


    Starting play a game or remember how to play again is not a simple one. Inactive for long time, left a lot of updates will make someone confuse.
    Not only items ~ armor, weapon, elems, and so on ~ is important but also information.
    Here we ready to help every active and serious players who want know the way to play in this server

    That is one of reasons I made this guild, also i want to make a new relationship with other player.
    Big hope this guild can be a home and a house for all player.
    The final purpose is no other thing except support own race.
    if we can play without any obstacle, we can enjoy the game.


    ~ Guild Leader ~

    ~ Senates ~
    [L]ordAquila ~ ina
    FlandersFlannels ~ ph

    ~ Advantages join this guild ~
    We will answers your question about game based on experiences, so I think it will be the best
    ∞ We use English to explain, but if you need specific answer you can ask to member who same country with you
    Personally, I will make member donation system for CB Prize. I hope this system will make some feel to help around members in this guild and ofc will help new player in other side. Aim guild CB prize is one of ways to make cw more fun and interesting ∞

    ~ Guild Rules ~
    ∞ The most important rule is "Try your luck with do more activity and jurney" ∞
    ∞ Do Guild Leader Guide and Command ∞
    ∞ Do Have Good Attitude ∞
    ∞ Active and Loyal ∞
    ∞ Trustworty ∞
    ∞ Respect ∞
    ∞ Homie ∞
    ∞ Humorist ∞
    ∞ No Trash Talk ∞

    ∞ Don’t Take Feel To Much
    ∞ AFK at our basecamp [near of gate keeper] ∞

    ~ Guild Activities ~
    ∞ Jade Hunt ∞ PB Run ∞ Farming Dalants, weapon, and Armors ∞

    ~ How to Join ? ~
    ∞ Click Join Guild and we will accept You asap ∞
    ∞ We are watching players who was joined and give chance 3 days to reach level 75 ∞
    ∞ We, Guild Leader or Senates, will give freebie for start your jurney∞

    ~ Closing ~
    ∞ Always be wise and open minded player type ∞
    ∞ Let your attitude and gameplay show your level ∞
    ∞ Enjoy the game ∞

    "Try your luck with do more activity and jurney" means are
    1. We need to know that collecting items ~ of course is not easy ~ so better try to understand that by holding ourselves to do not ask items but try to reach it.
    2. More activities make you more unite with other, what you need to do in critical moment to support other.
    3. Congratulation word is a good present for someone got achievement and make you have more power to grow up faster. if everyone can reach the highest, why you are not? hard work will show you the reality.
    We will help you with some freebie if we already prepare it like dalant or some weapons. We are here support you to grow up, accompany you so you don't feel alone. Break your limit and keep reach all equipment you need with us. But all is your choice what type of player you become.

    ∞ We also accept any suggestions and additions about our guild ∞

    ~ August 30th, 2018 ~
    ~ jtrailgun ~

  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. ^l12 Wow !! nice nice nice ~ Trade me for cb guild prize ~ ill on soon ~ nice touch ^l12
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    ^l12 Wow !! nice nice nice ~ Trade me for cb guild prize ~ ill on soon ~ nice touch ^l12
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