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  1. hmm at donation section it said using moneybooker
    but in my place i cant find any moneybooker
    but i found moneypack???
    is it the same?
    can i use moneypack instead of moneybooker?
    does tron accept it?
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  3. as i know moneybooker is different to moneypack but moneypack is accredited of paypal right? try to pm sir tron about this.

    and also try this: http://www.moneybookers.com/app/

    look for the available branch at your country. ;)
  4. yea we put money on moneypack and reload it to paypal
    ya imma just try to pm tron
    i cant find moneybooker around here :an: damn store
  5. there's no money booker in Indonesia... and about that moneypack... you'll also need a verified paypal account if I am not mistaken...
  6. damn it
    yea im about to ask that question
    does paypal need to be verified
  7. yep.. your paypal has to be verified using credit card... otherwise you won't be able to donate here...
  8. ah damn i guess i cant donate till i get my own credit card :at:
  9. oh yeah... there's western union method... but.. it will cost you some extra money... and it will take longer to process...
  10. yea i heard about western union too
    but im not gonna pay for extra lol
  11. Moneybookers is a website like Paypal, if you want to donate and you dont have a credit card Use Western Union or any other company that can upload credits to paypal as long as you have a verified account..

    Does debit cards in PH work with visa or Master Card? i know that in most of the countries debit cards can be use for paypal so no need to get a credit card, just a Visa or MC Debit Card...
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    not in Indonesia... dunno about other countries... but as all I know debit cards just won't do... I've tried it... but it won't even get recognize... always rejected by the paypal site.... paypal only accepts credit card with V*SA/mast*rcard on it... main reason is because of the currency kept in debit... it depends on your country, while paypal only accept US$ currency..
    and... also maybe depends on the banks...

    so yeah.. no credit card and if your debit can't be used means either you borrowed someone else paypal acc that has been verified... or western money:az:
  13. That's probably because the Debit Card is not international, it depends on the bank, not paypal...

    My credit cards and debit cards are in my local currency but if i purchase something in dollars the bank just use the current exchange rate to charge me for that... i even have most of my subscriptions and services tied to a debit card instead of a credit card since it takes the money out of my account and i you dont have to pay interest if i forget to pay on time.

    Edit: i found this
    "Visa debit cards are issued by Union Bank of the Philippines (e-Wallet & eon), Chinatrust, Equicom Savings Bank (Key Card & Cash Card), Banco De Oro, HSBC, HSBC Savings Bank & Sterling Bank of Asia (VISA ShopNPay prepaid and debit cards). Union Bank of the Philippines cards, Equicom Savings Bank & Sterling Bank of Asia EMV cards which can also be used for internet purchases. Sterling Bank of Asia has released its first line of prepaid and debit Visa cards with EMV chip. MasterCard debit cards are issued by Banco de Oro, Security Bank (Cashlink & Cash Card) & Smart Communications (Smart Money) tied up with Banco De Oro. MasterCard Electronic cards are issued by BPI (Express Cash) and Security Bank (CashLink Plus). All VISA and MasterCard based debit cards in the Philippines are non-embossed and are marked either for "Electronic Use Only" (VISA/MasterCard) or "Valid only where MasterCard Electronic is Accepted" (MasterCard Electronic)."

    So just ask your bank if you have a debit card, maybe they do have an international debit card and you just have to request it.
  14. aw all goes to paypal so sad
    im not old enough to get my own credit card
  15. that's why I said it also depends on the bank ^^

    my debit card has visa emboss marking on it... but its unusable for internet shopping and that sadly includes paypal... but it can be used in any retail shop around the world which has visa logo on their counter..
    e.g. when I go shopping @ japan/australia/s'pore/HK yeah I can use my debit..
    it also automatically change the currency of the bills... but still I couldn't use it for internet use

    just like I said... ask your friends/parents if you want... ^^
    or just use western union if you have no other option and you persist on donating... they charge around 11US$ the last time I ask... but I think it depends on location and amount of money you're sending...
  16. yea but i dont think my parents would give the permission lol
    im heard about that too western union charge a lot damn

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