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  1. Because there are so many people that are still confused about how accuracy works, let me repost this. =o

    Afaik, the bonuses from armor doesn't add up to skills and stun nades are consider skills because when you got restrain you can't use stun nades.


    ANY Armor Accuracy Bonus does NOT apply AT ALL to SKILLs
    - Including Archon Armor/Special Armor/etc

    ANY Weapon Accuracy Bonus does NOT apply AT ALL to SKILLs
    - Including the Maneater/all weapons with similar effects

    The Accuracy Increase above does ONLY APPLY to NORMAL HITS

    Accuracy : Dogde Ratio for 100% hit-success with Skills is 1:1
    - means for 300 dodge you must have 300 EFFECTIVE(read on to see what that means) Accuracy

    The Character Information Window IS A LIE!
    There is Accuracy and Effective Accuracy.
    The Accuracy that sums up all the boni given from everything is displayed only
    in the Character Information Window. Not the effective accuracy.

    Class Skills have an Increased Base-Accuracy of 30%.

    Each Grace talic adds 40% EFFECTIVE Accuracy starting with 40% on +5
    With +6 Grace you will hit for a maximum of 80% on any Dodge above your EFFECTIVE Accuracy
    - you guessed right, you won't even notice the +1 to +4 grace

    Melee AND Ranger Accuracy Buffs STACK
    - 30% effective Accuracy added each - means 60% increase with both applied

    Dodge and Accuracy are now Calculated in [Brackets] so in example you have [131] effective Accuracy with +5 Grace gloves facing someone with [301] Dodge you will hit with 6 out of 15 Skills. On +6 Grace Gloves you will hit with 12 of 15 Skills.

    For better understanding an example:
    (We don't know the real amount in brackets)

    Your Accuracy is high enough to hit someone on 219 dodge for 80% your success rate will decrease to 40% on someone with just 1 dodge more (220) - brackets means
    [xxx to 219] - [220 to xxx]
    both brackets refer to different amounts of accuracy.

    There is NO 100% Dodge or Accuracy, by 100% I'm taliing about 99%
    - ever missed a flem? You know what I'm talking about.

    This all has been tested with ABSOLUTELY CONSTANT results.
    By constant results I'm talking about a constant result in over 100 tests of different setups.

    Credit: FatalionPanic.
  2. very nicely done..
    thx to this iNFO
  3. where did you get this? o_O i kinda know fatalionpanic. anyways thanks for showing it addict now i kinda understand somethin'.
  4. Conclusion : play Mage and Aoe.
  5. eke how's the trade going ???
  6. 0 trades , no1 wana trade :(

  7. Uhm, sadly yes unless you can grab yourself a +6 grace gloves. =o
  8. good stuff. now i get why i still have problems hitting people even with council armors. :3
  9. well keep spamming on the forums about your trade XD .. you will find traders eventually.
  10. good thread it was very intresting to read ,and i also discovered alot of stuff I didnt know even after play rf on original english server for 2 years...
  11. Bump, can a mod sticky this? Since there are still tons of people that are screaming about bug. =o
  12. This is a great idea. Bumping this again. =]
  13. nice stuff indeed
  14. ive got to try this melee and ranger skills stack thingy.. even though i still seldom miss..:p
  15. done.
  16. is 5 perfect generator increase effective accuracy?
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