alliance pvp always acc+cora vs bells

Discussion in 'Flames of Hell' started by sohardcorepvp, May 10, 2012.

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  1. so good! always team acc+cora vs bells on server

    pop like this:

    team = acc+cora !! always! woohooo

    acc+cora brothers soooo hardcore soo goood always team with bro and always ask for alliance with everyone make this server proud

    plssy sign my book pvp masters:

    u guys so harcore pvp sooooo goooood soo teaam soooo alliance always ponies everywhere rainbow warriors !!

    sooo gooooood how u do it?!?! tell us mystery secret to super master pvp race alliance team rainbow !!! plss sign book! i will not ebay!!!

    soo goood we all join u now!! u no alliance?! We do!! hahaha soo good gg idol brothers of pvp
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. lol wut?

    honestly there is not much that you can change, and a tread like this won't accomplish nothing. Just stick with bells trough the good and bad time. Keep faith in the councils and keep having fun :)
  4. [​IMG]

    Hi there Isma!! Whenever I see you I spam debuffs. I hope you don't get like this:

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    btch please
    5-6accre overthere oh look no cora :D

    sht just got serious if cora are is this many

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    wow! acc bad only like 20-30acc joinning 3am php time 1hr before lag spike and then after they saw the bellz chip dropping and WOW! here comes the cpt lovers/rerollers and too many green dots on the way to bellz.:ap:
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    Haha, it's ok i kindda enjoy it well let them continue allied atm i;m sure there's time for us to rise again :D, well the only part i kindda not enjoy is that they protect each other winning after war is done, example current cw, when cora won and they still def for it, well i mean come on we lack our number that time definitely can't kill hsk even u guys dont protect it..., give us credit to try to kill it (even i doubt we can do that)..., also it prooving u guys dont have proud about ur race like selling winning or just too afraid to broke alliance... , i mean u guys just failed for god sake..., if i were acc i will be pissed, i just leave cora def alone (well maybe u just dont want tp broke your alliance atm, but there's nothing wrong to let them def, it didnot broke alliance there i thing... just suggestion if u guys keep doing that i also always abort it also regardng that last time, acc population is beyond bell+cora combined.....), again i just feeling weird, it's like arranged winning for cora for me like selling winning.. or selling protection each other, again feel weird u guys (acc) dont mad u failed CW over cora..
  8. [​IMG]

    DAFUQ you have? your posts are so big, and i never read it.
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    I'm only like that if i used yet another stack of cure pots.... :p

    I don't blame them Rums, they both know that the one to break the alliance and start an alliance with bells is the one to be safe for the upcomming month. The one that gets left out is the one that gets SOD3 for a month. Kissing eachothers ass is the way to go here, since they are both afraid.

    But we've proven no to need any alliance. We've made a fair amount of CW's a draw in the last month. Bells will rise again, as long as there are not too many rerollers
  10. Your post is hypocritical. You've done the same things.
  11. Excuse me, when ??? show me proof then, well i just adapt to it, it's ok i just share my oppinion, if that's my pilot, u can't judge me based on that i will replace my pilot if he did what i dont want to be always... sometimes they dont have experience for the first time, and need to adapt as well..., and why u didnot show ur IGN, i knew ur bells also no need to hide it dude haha, also there's a politic for it, it's ok... it's all politic in the end...
  12. Sup bro? show your IGN! :aq:
  13. Even though i had a bad command in bells, still im doing my best to win and remove SOD. We can't win without help of the others. :al:
  14. Why? It's not like you can kill me or anything.

    Anyway, Rumia, you're lying in an attempt to make you and your race look like they're something special. You've teamed with acc, against cora, and with cora against acc, many times in the past. You're just mad that acc/cora council no longer lets you use them to keep your chip safe.
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    Again you must learn to read what i;m complained for, i dont aggree with TS actually... look my post again before what i just complained about, u guys def core like that i will keep abort it's simple, it's not fun anymore u know....., did i complained about you that always attacked us..., no sir.. , show me the line that i complained about... , again i just complained about not let us try to kill hsk even if we have tried it, i;m sure we will failed OK (again read this several times so you can understand what i mean)......, i barely reject some of alliance offer (asked carcass and darksith if u dont believe me they can prooved it, i always do reject it now since we can rise again someday, we just need right management and more cooperation seems there's a conflict, a guild in bells that barely against us now and they have 2 council at current lineup...)....., another problem in bells also some council lazy to attend morning cw, i will do evaluate later...
  16. What? AFAIK, THEY team with US. Even HD offered to be allies with bells but they broke it later. If there were alliances with bells, it'd just last like minutes before the CW is done. Now dude, Dafuq are you talking about?
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    Again People, i didnot complained about your alliance i;m very very aggree with that now i;m sure we can rise soon we just got problem here at bells dont worry we will give u a good fight long cw like before... we still can endure, i believe on that, well as for me allied to protect hsk after each you guy got winning over us is just lame especially at last war acc number is 53% way too over us... you (acc) didnot give us chance/give us try to kill hsk even u know that we couldnot do that coz we lacked of number (think about it), that's all... gratz u make cora more spoiled by doing that they will no have proud to def anymore in other words u just encourage cpt lover... i believe they (cora) will be more proud if they can def over us and succeded to avoid hsk got killed (anyway FYI again we lacked number last war we not sure if we can kill hsk 90 % probability we can't killed hsk), more rerolled to acc as well i believe.....
  18. oH u broke ur silence because u hurt? this is wat we called game strategy and its normal bells did this way too b4. too bad u have now in this situation.. any ways we once like ur race b4 so freak out 2 races FF our chips yet we have not even more than 10 % of the population online... Dont over react pls... its just a cycle no big deals..ryt?
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    Again another idiot dont know what i mean, i;m done with this, many of u seems dont understand what i want /mean... yes u rite it's no big deal i;m out of here.. oh i suggest u keep doing that ok, i dont mind now, we will adapt to it.... :D
  20. Of course you're going to say that. You're too invested to look at things objectively.
  21. What make that no one understand what you say is,
    I try to read it, but when i finish reading, i forgot all the shits that i read above.
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