An ACC spec guide for everyone.

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    As the title says, I'm going to try the best way I can to explain the fundamentals and techniques of playing an acc spec so pardon me if I make a mistake and for the much better spec players, feel free to add stuff.

    Always the first thing that you have to do is fix your skill bars in a way you are most comfortable playing with. Take mine for example:


    To get it started with, first, you have to know and master which type of grenade ammos you have to carry with you. Here's the list of ammos that are mostly needed:
    Stun grenade = used for attacking
    Holding web = used to net targeted players
    Virus inject = disables the use of HP potion
    Mind control = disables the use of attack/force skills
    Flash wave = blinds the opponent(more like the chandra's nerve palsy)
    Impact explosion = used to get rid of all the buffs of the targeted players
    Shock wave = removes force buffs though it is only one by one
    Cure charger = cures an ally to get rid of the debuffs
    Mental break = prevents mages from using debuffs
    Limited force = prevents the regeneration of FP
    So basically now, all you have to do is master all these ammos and use them in your own style. Being a spec means that you have to be manipulative of your ammos so that you can have the advantage in pvp.

    (basing it on how I play spec)
    Attack: For every opponent you see, the first thing that you have to do is net, then you proceed it with viral and then stun grenade. If the target attacks you, use mind control to hinder the target from attacking you and if not, just continue using your stun grenade until the target is dead. This can be used to either a dodger or a def type player. You can also cross class into a warder so that you can have an additional attack skills and a higher hp or cross class into ranger to have yet again another set of attack skills and a higher dodge rate.

    Support: ACC specs can be very valuable in terms of supporting. You can either be a Battle Leader in which you can Nimble Joint your allies so that they can move faster and construct towers for additional damage in terms of DPS. On the other hand, you can also be a resuer(don't know the name of the class), but in this case, you can resurrect your fallen brethren. If you are a support, you have to focus mainly on the use of net, viral, mind control, flash wave, shock wave and impact explosion so that a lot of your allies can benefit from you especially during war when you're pushing another race.

    Recommended equipment: A starter can use a +6 63 or 65 Lau set. If you find the these sets uncomfortable, better yet make a +5 SS Lau set since for me, this is so much better than using a +6 63 Lau set and with a higher attack damage and this is until you can have your own +7 65 Lau set. For me, being a def type spec is so much better than being a dodge one because 1. Dodge is pointless with the amount of +6 grace gloves users roaming around every map and 2. You'll survive longer. A set of 25.25 A.D. elems for me is highly recommended and if you are lucky in upgrading, a set of 26.26 A.D. is way better for an additional robot enhancements even if it's just a few adjustments but if you want to be a dodger, 25.20 A.A. set if the thing for you and don't forget to have a +6 boots so that it'll maximize your dodge rate. It is also important that you have a pair of 176 ACC BRs which can be looted from Calliana Archers so that the attack speed of your spec will be much faster than the usual. In this case, the way you use your spec can be just like a kiddy game already. By the time you get rich or you decided to donate, make 2 BBLs(Black Brother's Leash) which has a stat of 30.30 A.D., detect and 10% each. With this, you can disregard buying a clairvoyance charm to detect invisible opponents and that lifesteal is really an advantage in a 1on1 pvp. Lastly, you also need to have a +6/+7 65 CR set, for surviving. ACC having, the highest defense, it would be really hard for your opponents to kill you once you have this set. Indubitably, always carry a +5/+6 grace lau gloves so you can hit dodgers and a +5/+6 darkness gloves so that you can pierce through shielders.

    Some tips: Practice first the uses of all your ammos before you engage yourself in a warfare. Always buy a potion buff from the game cp so that you can always have the chance of using two potions at the same time. In this case, it's up to you on what potions you are going to use. A player gets better when he/she discovers new things by himself/herself and that it would benefit his/her game playing style.

    A great help so you can choose whether to use a +7 65 SGL or +7 70 SGL:

    Hope you understand and find my guide easy. For spec players out there, feel free to add more tips. It's for everyone anyways. :)

    Have fun and enjoy playing this game.

    Here's an example of a spec in combat. Kudos to khatie for an amazing video compilation.
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  2. add mental break ammo = prevent mage casters or acc specs from casting debuff..
  3. How about post some video of your game play using a spec? That would be very helpful.
  4. Nice Guide Bro... :ay:

    Will Be Very Helpful For Those That Want To Be An Acc Spec...

    Two Thumbs UP! :ay:
  5. A video has already been posted. Sorry for the late post.
  6. Nice, Haha. Can't believe you're using other players video! you should post yours lol.
  7. I don't know and have no future in video editing. =)) Well, the video does show a splendid job on how to use an acc spec for pvp. As long as it can help, then it should turn out fine.
  8. pls dont teach them T.T joke :) anyway nice guide.
  9. hmm my video :)
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    Nice guide. :D

    Btw your link on choosing a lvl 65 or 70 sgl is broken.
  11. nice guide

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  12. Updated. Thanks for noticing. :)
  13. I don't liked this, cause now i'll see more good specs playing, and i hate them.
    :ag: :ag:
  14. makes me want to play spec again ughh :D
  15. I want to thank you for this sir.
    and honestly, everytime you post something..
    it's either funny as hell or helpful.
  16. Thanks, man! I appreciate it! :)
  17. noob guide. joke joke joke. but srsly. noob guide.. JOKE
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    hope u put limited if the caster force skill you,he's blue pots will drained and he can't cast another skill again.
  19. crunk will never show his own vid.. coz he`s hiding lots of secrets.. :bz:

    if he does post a video, it would be him doing a pole dance
  20. nice guide sir... may i know the name of that potion from the 4th tab... between the stealth charger and critical charger? where can i buy that? sorry for this noob question... thanks!!

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