An ACC spec guide for everyone.

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  1. That's a berserker vial. You can buy it in game cp under the category of Shop - Bonus and and Dope donate (1). It's the 11th number in the list.

    :ag: :ag:
  3. playing as a striker is fun, i like killing with some little bigger damage :D but it is big minus certain point you know :ak: mwahaha
  4. tthis thread inspired me to make a spec haha
  5. Please, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO :bm:
  6. NICE guide! let me try spec then... :ay:
  7. NICE guide! hmmm, let me try spec... :ay:
  8. Go and have fun!!!
  9. spec is boring.. 176 makes it more imba.. i have spec named SpecMechanism and i find it not chalenging to pvp.. since you can spam viral to opponent.. its like having 1v1 fight and your opponent is no pots.. haha . i can even kill a donator as long as its not mage and i have +6 gloves.. its not fun that way.. its not challenging.. i hope sir tron make 176 a donate item only..
  10. nice guide crunky! even pervs can make sense every once in a while....

    if you are good with this, ill move it to the guides and FAQs section!

  11. Please do so. :)
  12. dislike.........................b'coz ur @ cora now.
    like..............................the guide! :ag:
  13. I hate specs.
    That is all.
  14. I think everything is well and okay now. Kindly move this thread to the FAQ & Guides section please and thank you! :)

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