AUTO EXIT AROUND 6%-2% of ACC CW 10pm (10/04/2017)

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  1. hello GM's. All Cora Council had been Exited by GM around 2% of ACC, I don't know who... or what's the problem but we're trying our best to make the war draw. But suddenly yeahh..... ALL THE COUNCIL OF CORA got AUTO EXITED. can someone explain this to us.

    Thank you GM's hope you will consider my Post.
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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. Not Only cora. got DC'd twice at 10% and @ 5%, and this shows up when i log in.

    - Sugartastic

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  4. Yeah it flashed exiting game on my screen not disconnected... and i live in Australia internet is very stable here.. itsj ust so odd that councils got exit game when we were about to LH please look intit veryGM ..
  5. thats true gm explain it and why ? pls answer
  6. but in our screen there is no such thing like that, its too obvious that all of us got exited at 2% lol
  7. i showed you a picture of me logging in, not getting D'cd. lol
    i could not get a screenshot of me getting DC cause it just exited.
  8. my Point is when we log in there's no such thing like that. hahahaha... Why you're so defensive? we're asking for Gm sir. ^^
    Cause all Council of Cora got exited in same time.
  9. huh? i just said not just "cora". that's not being defensive lol. im stating a FACT. relax...
  10. sad trying to LH :D not this time boys :D
  11. Wait for Admin to response. @TRON
  12. buwahahhahahhahahhahahahhaahhahaha what an epic CW.
  13. Well i think not all councils of cora cause i saw ivy and crow still hitting me with febres debuffing me on the side while i piloting Torgo.. more into it also some players from acc got exited at 1% chip.. no one nuked but the map dot got decrease..
  14. lets wait the responce of tron
  15. For me, All PLDT user are disconnected ^_^..
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    It's not only you Cora's who got disconnected too also the Bellato. Actually, all of us got disconnected. Making your own speculations isn't gonna help.
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  17. Well this is awkward

  18. Lol, we did try to draw..
    But the reality is bells are about to finish off the chicken... Might as well be cora than bells right? Hahaha

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