AVAST Antivirus Issue Bypass

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    Hi there, another unknown issue have appeared for us AVAST user. . . The antivirus have live up to their expectation in protecting our personal computer thus further enhances their protection capabilities. I cannot tell If this website has something on it that lately AVAST has been blocking it but they gave us an option to exclude scanning the site if we have great trust on them.

    So here is the guide on excluding the site so you could Post, Vote or do your usual things on RF Olympic Official Website. Simply follow these images because i didn't have much time to make a video out of it.:ab:

    This guide is intended only for FREE version of AVAST ver. 8.0.1489 as of May 29, 2013

    STEP 1

    OPEN you Avast User Interface

    STEP 2

    Click on SETTINGS located at the upper right of your AVAST interface as shown in the image.

    1. Click on Global Exclusion
    2. Click on URL
    3. Enter the URL that you want to Exclude and press OKAY at the lower right

    This is how i did it and it work flawlessly on me. I hope this thread will help those who are having the same problem but i wonder how can they see this if they can't get through the site (me and my wild imagination).:bc:
  2. and another bro my rf olympic exe. was broken and it says open internet (url) and can't get list patch of the server..whats that mean? i have a good internet.. and iv been experiencing this yesterday and now..

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