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  1. so guys, its really getting boring in some part of the game. most of the people just go online during cw and the rest of the day idk lol im afk too

    earlier this morning we tried to open HDH and of course its level gap.

    just a suggestion, make a BD for lvl 75 and 85. so we have something to do when we're bored. Make BD great again!!!

    Drops? idk let GM decide on what to drop ^_^ HDH elems? hehehe ^_^
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  2. RFOlympic INFO

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  3. i dont care what drop but yeah make Dungeon alive again GM's
  4. Few numbers of cora and bells. = few tempo for acc. most on CW online??
    ONLY FOR MINE. no wonder why acc race still raising even they got numbers.

    but still want to enjoy the game. <3 hahaha if you want some fun stay at ellan :)

    Trash talks are nothing but real talk is everything <3
  5. what if MC's for BD ? HAHHA sounds good!
  6. If this is the case then nobody will go out anymore.
    Good idea but not good impact for sure
    --- Post updated ---
    My opinion,
    1.) 75 and 85 weapon and armors lotted during chipwar.
    2.) Master chip drop only through mobs either in sette, oc or in elf to create an environment of farming.
    We all know, if there are farmers, there are raiders.
    if there are raiders, then comes the defenders/guards.

    =easy pvp
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  7. Sorry but BD is in @TRON decision to make, but i agree that BD is fun MCs will be the best drop for sure and some rental 24 hours HDH elems.,

    Its out of us GMs command, but we can suggest this..
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  8. There are still some thing you can do except from Battle Dungeon, you can Challenge other Guild for a match (GvG), or do some HQ PitBoss hunting to help those newbies get a starting Elem's, and help your race Grow.

    Like what GM-LaCerv said updating the BD is out of the GM's hand, but the Team is suggesting something better to @TRON that might improve the PvP in the Server, it just a matter of applicability, if those suggestions are possible to apply to the server then more Maps will be brought back to the way it was before.
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  9. well, BD is still part of the game that's been left out for a long time ^_^ i havent seen any GvG for a very very very long time tho. HQ PB, we're always calling out in acc and Belpe and some Elan PB if we have many numbers, well its just a suggestion tho ^_^ and some of players love to see and do BD again ^^ we hope where will be update in the future for BD ^_^
  10. what about getting a collectable items from completing the BD, like scream mask?

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