Bellato Shield + Infinite Heal

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  1. Hi. Can we do something with this? For instance, limit chandra's heal when they are using 2 hand staff? Thanks! They are way to OP! They can do Barrier and TP out, or being recalled. While the ACC specs, according to the Rules, are not allowed to Logout when he is on Barrier.
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    It's already 2018 and players don't seem to understand how the skills and survivability of one specific hero works. This issue is not new to us it has already been requested and argued long ago. It's like you're taking out the " U " out of " FUN ". It's all about countering heroes, for example Mages in Bellato with escape mechanism can be countered by STIFLE debuff which disables him from buffing him/herself. Bellato heal can also be countered by adding SLOW on his debuff and casting viral to the healer. There are such ways to counter healers. There are so many ways to counter them, so many strategic plans to overcome that overwhelming disadvantages of power.
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  4. Thank You sir Ace. Maybe we can do that if we have enough specs, which we don't have for now. We rarely see specs carrying those ammo. And before the specs change ammo, the target already debuffed it using 1sec cure pots. Spec has delay and an error when changing ammo fast.
  5. There are only few people on ACC know to handle SPECIALIST.
    Mostly there been using Melees/Ranger or Launcher to kill but they didn't know
    that SPEC can handle KILL in just 8SECS by Shifting ammos.
  6. In exchange of that GM will also Limit the range of specs and make a cooldown on their ammo :D See to it that Accre's spec is way more OP than holy chandras :D
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  7. Sure! But we will remove cure chargers for cora and bellato. It is originaly intended for acc only.
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  8. True..... and regarding cure pots. Okay bro remove it on NPC but dont remove it on shop potions :D :D

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