Black Grenade Launcher, weapon need help thanks

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  1. I have created a new acc character I want to try using this cool Black Grenade Launcher, weapon

    My acc is level 55 and its a ranger the one that can hide and put traps but still saying skill level to low the weapon is level 55 to I can only wear this level 1 Grenade Launcher weapon can any body help me how to levelup that skill :bu:
  2. you cant use grenade launcher higher than level one because your class is ranger. you could use that if you're specialist
  3. Ah ok thanks your right I managed to use it already in a specialist
  4. I just want to ask guys what's the max level in RF olympic

    Yah max level in this sever and what level is the 3rd job so you can have it :ce:

    Thanks :ay:
  5. Level cap here is 65. As long as you're a specialist, you can wear any grenade launcher as lang as it's appropriate/corresponds to your level requirement even if you don't have a job yet. We only have a 2 job system here. Initial class is you being a specialist, 1st job can be attained when you're level 30 and 2nd job is at level 40. Go to your race manager to pick the jobs you want for your spec.
  6. Thank you sir :ay:
  7. I'm confuse HELP read inside

    I try to check the bonus Shop and just notice some weapon Item is level 70?

    I remember somebody tell me the max level here is just level 65

    SO if I buy that weapon I cant use it cost im in the max level already 65 right ?? :bb::bb: I'm confuse

    Max level is 65 Then we have Items In the Bonus store level 70 ? mmm:bw:
  8. Level 70 weapons are the max weapons you can get here in game. Though our level cap is 65, you can use level 70 weapons by obtaining a Jade of Relief/Abundance(whatever between the two that lowers level requirements of equipment). To get this, it's either you buy one from the game cp shop or hunt them in Elf Land. Kill Metal Eaters, loot a Dark Hora Hall Box, open it and you'll be able to use level 70 things.
  9. My dragon Boots just been destroyed in my very 1st attempt to make it +1

    My dragon Boots just been destroyed in my very 1st attempt to make it +1 is this for real? Or its just a bug? CAN any GM answer me how this thing happen I mean its just +1 right

    And sad to say I buy this set so now im very afraid to ups this set I mean I cant afford to lose one again

    And guess what I'm a donator I buy this set with my own money :bb::bb: y things like this happen to me :bb:

    Last thing can someone tell me if there's a way to to ups this dragon set without getting destroy even it takes to buy it in the cash store

    I really injoy the game even its just a private server at least I try to sport it

    Thanks I really need a good answer for this one
  10. How can I start a new thread before I now it but now I forgot it already that's way my thread ending up like this
  11. Please officially register first to our forums so you may able to see the right tools/buttons in every section. And this thread is in the wrong section. Thank you


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