bow or gun (better on pvp)

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  1. help me i cant decide choosing the right weapon for striker(Secondary weapon)
    85 bow has Critical 10. and 10 accuracy(Dodge) while gun 10. Critical and 20% defense. Give me some advice which is better or tips. Thank you
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  3. same problem here that's why i can't decide which weapon im going to ups first :/
  4. yeah we have same problem hope someone give us advice
  5. I just wore a gun just to kill it I do not have to choose anymore as long as I kill them and I can reduce it's ok.^l12
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  6. HAHA Ok dude.
  7. Yeah Yeah hahahaha this is [BadOmen]>[Badhobbit]>[BadUspect] u know me now Marthy[XIX] haha ^l9
  8. hmm, here's what I'm thinking, Bow has single damage that will inflict the enemy, unlike the gun, the damage is divided when it lands on the enemy. when the first damage, hits the point where the auto pots will works, the pots will recover automatically, this is the good thing that gun can do, unlike on the bow. (This part is kind of technical when u think, and I'm not sure if this how the bow and gun works. or they are just the same, but different visual effect.)

    I prefer bow for striker. I felt its more suitable for cora/accre race rather than gun. Also gun is really useful if you have high crit rate. the higher the crit rate the higher chance of stun, stun can interrupt someone's hp recover, movements etc.
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  9. tyvm for the info bro.
    --- Post updated ---
    i knew man HAHHA
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  10. i like your style COLD BLOODED
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  11. even gun is best on cora...
    you knew sho? SHE always use gun.. SHE said it is more better than bow
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  12. already decided i will go for bow .... anyway thank you
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  13. lets make the explanation short....
    bow = killing
    gun = support killing

    noob here hahahahaha, i base that on my game play.....
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  14. It's depends with what kind of pvp style you have and how you usually play character , as me I prefer using bow than gun since it got more accuracy to hit those slimmy dodgers (unless my job class specialize with gun then not using a gun it will be waste)
  15. True. I noticed it gun for bellato while bow for cora (same aswell acc)because of their class skills
  16. I'll go for bow. I suck at last hitting using a gun. Haha
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  17. for cora team pvp or chipwar, its best for rangers to use bow
    for solo pvp, its better gun because it has high chance of fast hit with crit and it has high chance of delaying hp regeneration.

    for bcc, its always gun.

    for acc, i just dont know hahaha im still learning
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  18. come to acc and i will teach you. ^l11
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  19. ask idiot sho he will always say gun is better haha
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