Bring back the Cora race Alive.

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  1. Hello Cora alliance. its our time to give our best shots.
    We the race representatives are here to help you.
    We need to pursue the goal of our race. Lets give a helping hand to each other.
    Start moving on, on the past and lets do our best on the present to time so we could Face the future.

    In regards DonMcgryver

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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. cora might be alive again if you leave :D
  4. +100%
  5. haters get a life
  6. owww h0lyNoob common play now sir we are waiting on you
  7. hahahahahahahaha I LOVE YOU HATERS.
    Go donate more on ACC. so that you guys will stand up again.
  8. give me your reilc speal i play cora hahahaha
  9. Give me that weapons and i always alive ^_^
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  10. hahaha you can donate anything you want bro. i know you could hehehe.
    --- Post updated ---
    hehehe if its just untradable why not.
  11. im going back.... which race is dying???
  12. actually from these previous days.
    there's no dying race depends on CW time.
    4am war. interval . cora / bell/ acc
    12pm war. huge number of acc. bell and cora almost dying.
    8pm war huge number of acc. good number from cora and bell. about 1party to 12 person per race.

    If you were gonna choose cora. we the race representatives of the Cora alliance are here willing to answer all of your questions.
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  13. hey kid surprise me when I get back hehe
  14. If you want to bring cora race alive you need more then just attend CW's.
    You need to get some PB hunts, Jade hunts Etc.. going on..
    For now the only one who does that and help is Sham.
    And also... Use English !!!
    2 of my friends quit the server because in /all /map /party and guild chats peoples doesn't use English..
    I play on another server now but i still think Olympic is the best server.. just not many peoples willing to talk English..

    And god damn it ! why i need to beg to councils to give me speed and acute during CW's???
    Most just ignore me !! its a team game !!

    Im not complaining i just say what i feel.
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  15. I love your statement bro. that is what council duty, not only command and bring win for the race, but also make race more productive.
    Lets use english and make friendly atmosphere.

    and hahaha, i feel you, when i be ranger or mele mode, a bit hard to ask buff ^l9
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  16. Yeah i feel you :( i need to beg for va too. huhuhu.
    And yet. IM always conducting JH and PB hunt.. everyone knows it. And most im starting doing PL for those newbies. . its just maybe when we do PB run and JH. you were not around.
    English on pubic chats im starting to implement it on specially map chat. im starting giving warning before i give chat restriction. :)
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  17. don JH me pls i need hora
  18. Just talk to me when im on. in game.
    --- Post updated ---
    As the result of everyone's help and unity. Here is the effect .
    Giving the best for the race and giving a hand to those new and most by welcoming back those old players who wants to play back again.

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  19. if you need a JH,PB etc. Just give me a shout i am willing to help..
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  20. So how's cora doing lately? Got any increase on newbie population?
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  21. yes many newbie now

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