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Discussion in 'Ideas & Enhancements' started by miyagi07, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. I am a player from the Philippines... and we installed rf olympic in our cafe (a place where people rent computers to use and play games... just in case people are not familiar with the term) and first thing i noticed since almost 10 people are already playing, tha voting system only applies to the first person who votes...

    I find it quite unfair for the other nine players who were trying to get vote GP's also... but since only one person gets to vote... they won't get the precious GP that they wanted.

    I hope GM's will take notice coz if this continues... we might as well go back to our old server. We still have people playing in our old server who wants to switch here in rf olympic, thanks and hope this could get fixed.
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. if that will happen it will be an advantage for me as a cafe attendant coz i have 40 computer and i will vote all of it will be equivalent to 40 days of voting and that will be no fair for other private server?
  4. ok guys, here is why this probably wont work. Say your lying then you get lets see 40x300 omg would that be 12,000 points a day!??! zOMG!!!! in the cafe people could just boost points and that wouldnt be fair on the other players...meh
  5. By all means just go back. Don't need more whiny pindo's stinking up another server with hacks, dupes, cp hugging bullshit and race hopping faggotry. Not to mention the ever annoying non english in /all /sell / race chat.
  6. omg, how do you have only 4 posts!??!! go troll some more people!!! this is just great XD
  7. Didn't mean to offend you on this one sir... and I ain't whinning... im just saying that... I want to recommend this server to them... but how could I do that if we will be racing against each other just to get that vote GP?...

    @sir nathan...

    Yes I do get the point... and I see the effort to prevent abusing the vote system, but can't we just limit the amount of accounts to create per IP instead of one vote per IP?
  8. i thinks you miss something about this thread..

    WeLL anyways..I think its 1account per I.P.
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    I think not sir coz 5 of my friends plus me already made an account here and I think we can still make more... coz 5 more are planning to try the server out, but im the only one who has a vote GP (and they're all complaining about it).

    So I think account creation should be the limited.
  10. here is a idea... since you like spending mommy and daddy's hard(ly) earned money of a cafe why dont you take a couple days off and donate... or better yet get a job and buy a computer and play from home :eek:

    my brother and I live together but when he votes i steal internet from my neighbors to vote... theres a option for you, go to another shop...
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    dont dare call our race pindo you noob.. dont be a poa youre still like that...this server dont want a racist like you too.

    not all pinoy's are hackers and shhhitt.. so dont use the universal term in referring to them.

    one more thing, tell me what your race IRl so ill trashtalk on you too... just can't take your whinning shiiit... in POA your a noob and therefore i conclude that you're also a noob here.. so stfu

    flame on me if you want, that only shows how noob and a racist you are :p

    edit: i dont like the idea either. if that would be implemented many greedy turds would easily get many gp's in a day. why not go to another cafe and vote?
  12. Pindo, I don't think you know what it means to be racist.
  13. huh?

    what do you mean boy?
    trust me i know what it means and i've met alot of 'em. what's exactly your point?
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    AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rage more fagget.

    Btw i'm a noob on POA? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I've accomplished more in 1 month than you ever could on that server. Not to mention i'm probably 100x's more known and respected than you are there aswell.

    So whats your scrub name from poa?

    Oh and you want my irl race? Im an american from the usa. Now whatcha gonna say?
  15. alright now, this just turned out to be a flame bait thread... well we kind of still enjoyed the server (GP voting and all) so we're just finding our own work around regarding this matter... I was just suggesting on a point here and this turned out to be a flame thread... sheesh.

    Well anyways thanks for all the constructive ideas and all the suggestions... peace guys
  16. Can't you just vote using mobile network?
  17. Hopefully he will read this after 7 years...
  18. Why bump an old thread? stop bumping old threads.
  19. he did'nt hahahaha its 7 years from that post now a 2010 post lol why rebump
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