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  1. Good day olympians, specially to our new GMs who are very active and always grant our request to spawn kukras and MEs at HQ. But i see that there is a downside of this activity, there are no challenges because it is very safe, no PVP and no Tempos, no more to raid @ OC and Elf map because they are just waiting at HQ for the GM to spawn the mobs. I just want to share my idea about maximizing our gaming experience in this server. I have observed that the intense PVP these days only occur in Crag mine map during CW, the players of the winning race after the CW will AFK @ HQ while waiting their UMTs to be full then process the ores, while the other race sometimes do PL and JH by requesting the GMs to spawn mobs at their HQ .

    I just want to give a suggestion to bring back the non stop PVP in this server. Why not centralize the free PL and JH at settle dessert? no more spawning of Kukras and MEs at HQs. so that if we want to PL and JH we go to a common map which is settle dessert specifically @ the middle part of it so that there will be attraction for Tempos and CPT and those players who has enough items to hunt and PVP will be interested in raiding the other race's PL or JH. In this case the players who feel not safe in the PL or JH at settle dessert will find their way to PL on a safe map which may be @ OC and Elf then the raiders will scan these maps to check for someone to raid so that these maps will always have a presence of a player since from lvl66-72 is a very challenging stage in building a character because you need to struggle killing the mobs and expecting a raider from other race.

    I hope you will consider this idea and our GMs and admins will read this thread and make a reaction or comment about this idea. once again good day guys, enjoy the server :D
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    I affirm what HB / StingLikeaBee has in mind. Leveling easily encourages rerollers to create dummies on different races. So why not bring back the thrill to it? :)
  4. Summoning of kukras and PL outside your HQ, including the two other races for these past several days, is an initiative taken by us to assist those new players who cant PL themselves, specially those on the low population race ,but it is temporary only. And since most of them has reached the minimum level required to engage into a pvp, we decided to resumed the spawning of kukras in sette desert, and that was started yesterday. So that you can have that thrill and intense feeling, wondering when and where the enemies are gonna show up and break your party while doing PL in a hostile map.
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  5. I think for me kukra event @ sette is more interesting, more temp to hunt, and desruned be like ^_^
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  6. Spawn kukra and ME at Elan also ^__^

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