Character Bug (Donation items issue)

Discussion in 'Account Support' started by tokh21, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I have a feeling that there is something wrong with my character for having a very low damage considering i have +7 lvl 70 staffB,2 olympic rings (40/50 AD), 2 olympic amulet (40/50 AD), and manto elven (olympic)25/25 AD, so I and my friend decided to compare damages with his character wearing +7 lvl 70staffB, 2 amu having 26/21 AD, 2 rings having 30/10 AD and manto cape (non olympic) 15/15 AD. We have confirmed that his damage is higher compared to mine which is quite absurb knowing that I have atleast 58% more power than him and atleast 148% more def than him. I can barely keep up with his damage, worst is, he has higher damage than me. This is really a disapointment. Kindly help me with this issue. Btw, we have almost the same armor.

    Hoping for a fast response. Hopes are high, I still believe this can be resolve, I really like this server.


    IGN: pQMargaux
    Race: Cora
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. Can you post more details?

    What race is your friend?
    What armor were you both wearing?
    Keeping in mind that dsr > adp in pvp.

    Can you post a video?
  4. Here is the video as requested:

    Btw, what is dsr>adp?, sorry I am still new to this server.
  5. Ahahaha Dude i Know Now...

    Its with your Burst Potion.. ur only using [Quest] potion am i Right??

    Try buy in Shop via VP Burst Potion [Premium]
  6. Even so, your damage is greater than mine. Using the premium burst will make my damage equal or a little bit more than your damage. I have atleast 58% more power and atleast 148% more def via my weapon and equips alone. Burst pots should not be a big difference besides this burst pots already give 40% atk power.
  7. try to use SS armor + burst and crit pots..
  8. That's normal. He's wearing melee armor. You can enhance your power even further if you use 55% atk pots and a set of strong superior armor.

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