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Discussion in 'Event Discussion' started by Percuteur, Apr 20, 2018.

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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. Sir only 1 player will be the Chip Breaker of the month ?
  4. Yes, every month 1 winner to be proclaim as a Chip Breaker of the Month.
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  5. i see thank you!
  6. I want to ask you, sir.
    if in the event allow allies?

    if it's true. I think it will benefit the race that gets the allies in my opinion is not fair. I advise the event to not allow allies in CHIP WAR and I hope BELLATO ACC attack, ACC attack CORA and CORA attack BCC I think this is fairer. there are things that prevent the rerol, before the chip is not allowed 10% DEFF chip and before the 5% chip is not allowed another race to the chip that has not 5% if it is violated does not get point on war.

    what do you think?
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  7. About the Alliance thing is out of the GM's hand, it is up to the Race Leader of every race who they choose to be their allies, to get some advantage in Chip War. We GM's can't dictate or intervene in that matter, this is why in every election you need to Elect the right candidates who you think that have the capability to lead your race. And also not all the time the two races that have joined forces who are dominating the Chip War, sometimes the one who is being targeted by that two races is the one taking control of the Chip War.

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  8. yeah race leaders fault! i always see acc councils saying no to ally even we proposed allies
  9. Additional Rule for the Chip Breaker of the Month, read the Main Event Thread.
    Chip Breaker of the Month Event

    • If you become Chip Breaker of the Month for 2 Consecutive Months, the following Month you will not be entitle to join the event, even if you submitted an entry, it will not be counted, this is to give other Players a chance to win the Event as well.
  10. This is so true. not all time that the race which has been target in 2 vs 1 is the losing race. sometimes the race who has been targeted is the dominating race.
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    Part of my plan already not to submit my entries boss. thank you so much for this war. Hoping for nxt month hehehe
  11. Who won august cb?
  12. for the month of August CBM Event, we got 2 winner's, and both of the 2 player's Account info have been forwarded to sir @TRON for the prizes, I will release the Tally Scores once I receive a confirmation from him.
  13. Update: with the reconsideration of our good Admin @TRON, our 2 winner's for this Chip Breaker of the Month (August 2018) will be receiving 50 credits each, and the prizes have been confirmed and placed in their accounts.
  14. awts GM included on the event?
  15. I only posted it for them try to think which is mine which is not mine..
  16. I see i haven't check the screen shot. :D Im just shocked what ive seen a fire green forum name heheh.
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    Hello September counts. Here i go again.

    IGN : DonMcgryver
    Race : Cora alliance
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    wew wrong thread hahaha

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  17. Update
    • Tie Breaker - at the end of each Month, if we have Players with same Points, the one who got it first shall be declared as a Chip Breaker of the Month winner.

  18. Hmmm but Tron just said they not allow pilots o0

    Another sad story
  19. Yes true but im allowing him since some of our gm use pilot too.

    Anyway plss move this to discussion thread thank you
  20. Im just joking man tranquilo
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