Chip Breaker of the Month Event

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  1. What: Chip Breaker of the Month Event (1 Winner Every Month)
    When: May 01, 2018
    Who: All 3 Races ( ACC / BCC / CCC )
    Where: Crag Mine (Chip War)
    Status: Continues (Monthly)

    Dear Olympians

    Starting this Month of May 01, 2018. the Chip Breaker of the Month will be launched, being a chip breaker from this month and onward will be more exciting in every Chip War, because every end of the Month one Player will be announced as a Chip Breaker of the Month, and will Receive a Reward.

    • In every chip war a player must take a screenshot indicating in the system message that he/she is the Chip Breaker.
    • A Chip Breaker must present/post his/her proof in the official entry thread after the chip war or before the next chip war will start. (Failure to present within the time given for submitting your proof, your entry will be void, make sure to present it immediately after the chip war.)
    • The process/procedure of selecting a Chip Breaker of the Month is by point system basis method.
    • In every end of the month we will compute all the candidates points, whoever got the highest points shall be the one who will be declared as a Chip Breaker of the Month.
    • In every chip war the maximum points you will get is 2 points, getting the last hit and making you as a chip breaker will entitle you for 1 point, and if you successfully delivered the chip at core its give you additional 1 point.
    • If you successfully delivered the chip into the core and to secure you'll get the maximum points for that chip war, make sure to take a screenshot showing on the system message that you successfully delivered the chip.
    • The Chip Breaker of the Month will be receiving 50 credits as a reward.
    • When presenting your screenshot in the Entry Event Thread it must be in full screen size, same with the photos shown below. (Edited Screen Shot will be Invalid)
    Event Sample Entry (Chip Captured and Successfully Delivered) 2 Points

    Event Sample Entry (Chip Captured but Failed to Deliver) 1 Point

    It's time to enhance your skill for higher chances of winning, make sure to attend every Chip War and Aim for that Last Hit of the Target Chip. Gain more points and be our Chip Breaker of the Month.

    All entries should be submitted here on the link below:
    Chip Breaker of the Month Event - Official Entries Thread

    If you have any questions regarding this event, feel free to post them here:

    Chip Breaker of the Month Event - Discussion Thread

    Rules, Prizes and Dates may change without prior Notice if the Staff decided so.
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  2. Starting tomorrow submission of Entries for the Chip Breaker of the Month Event will be Enable, and every week I'll be releasing a Score Points to identify who is leading.
  3. Some of our Chip Breaker dont fully understand the Mechanics of this Event, If you dont follow those guideline your Entries will be invalid.

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