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Which Chip War Time do you Prefer?

  1. 06:00AM - 02:00PM - 10:00PM (+8GMT) Current Chip War Time

  2. 04:00AM - 12:00Noon - 08:00PM (+8GMT) Old Chip War Time

  1. Greetings Olympian's

    Since most of you are already Employed and some of you are Studying, we will be conducting this Survey to know your Opinion, we would like to hear from you, what is your preferred Chip War time?
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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. Can we just do chip war every 4 hours? :)

  4. That would be impossible, it will be
    exhausting, and the Chip War time has been designed by CCR for an 8 hour interval and it can't be altered by the admin, only CCR himself can do so.
  5. orayt this is the war time we were expecting and waiting most to be happened . :)
  6. yeah most of us is employed.. i cant war obviously at 6am and 2pm because i go to work at 7am and 5pm out... and worst part is i cant stay up late 10pm is bad time too... in short i cant join all war :( but if move i can join 2 wars... well thats for me dont know the other players
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  7. my reason of changing the war time is.. I NEED TIME TO SLEEP lol hahahah i only sleep for 6hours always hahahaha with the current war time
  8. Hi, on Monday we will change the CW time.
  9. wohhh yehey thank you tron...

    can u adjust the chip HP too ^_^ just make it back if the population rises
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  10. Nice! now i can attend CW always....
  12. Thanks sir my req has been approved . nice nice.
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  13. Hello sir good day. CW update not yet done sir? already tuesday just asking.
    --- Post updated ---
    nothing change T_T
  14. Hi, sorry for the delay, working to update new Master Chip drop rates.
    [RFOlympic] Workflow
    Today i will change CW time.
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  15. Thanks so much @TRON more powe r
  16. How the server is offline, we are working to change CW time, the server will be online in the next 8 hours. Sorry for the delay.
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  17. It's okay @TRON we can wait for the better. :)
  18. Hi, can you check a current CW time? is now CW time is correct?
  19. still the same its already 8pm but yet. war not yet started

    And sir plss check my tempo too. its still bugg. almost all player i killed now are recent even its new name. :(
    The server is lagging too. too much back track
    --- Post updated ---
    Goo d Day @TRON seems like its wrong update sir.
    the war starts on 12am GMT +8 and seriously we cant join 2 war on this new time .
    8am in the morning = traveling to work.
    4pm on work lucky to me i can still play at work.
    12am its midnight and we need to sleep too for our health.
  20. We are now currently working to fix the Chip War time.
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