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  1. Greetings sir! I last played 2012 and I can no longer remember my fireguard password. How will i deal with this?
  2. Message [MENTION=1]TRON[/MENTION] about your email and password. He is the only one who can retrieve it.
  3. I dont know what to do - cant log in on the game

    hi this is the link of a small clip of my problem.

    i cant log in on the game always saying that the log in and the world having an error on the launcher, i already try to do patching but it always hang up, and i try also to off the windows defender (but nothing happens), i try also to download a new launcher but it always falling on the same thing

    please advise me on this, i want to play on the game again

    IGN: Carvie
  4. Sir i cant login in RFO Error: L
    ogin: wrong name
  5. Good Morning sir. May I ask something to you, I have second important ID for saving all my equipment there, very important ID and the IGN inside was name "JohnPangina". But Why I couldnt open it. And at the game CP said that database error, also when I try to open the game It always said "Unknown error 40". Can you help me to solve this one? I had so many important equipment there.
    Thank you before sir.

    Yours Sincerely,
  6. i have a question regarding downloading. i have been staring at my utorrent and i do not see any progress... if i download directly from the site it cuts me off half way. what do i do?
  7. Sirs, can anybody help me?

    When launching RF Olympic.exe, I'm encountering this:
    "Patch required, files: 1, packed size: 0 Mb unpacked size: 2Mb"
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    sir plss help my account gone .when i try to log in it say error 40 then when i check on site my account doesnt exist anymore

    ing: [PH]jH0
    race: bellato
    guild: LUNATICS
  9. sir hanes??
    .can u help me with my account??its gone..and when i log in it said error 40 but im not in the the banned list..the most serious things is my account is been gone...cant log in in cp and no info about my account when i use my master password when i tried to log in in cp.

    race: BELLS
    ign: [PH]jH0
    guild : LUNATICS
  10. Hi im new here and i just registered an hour ago to RFO. the problem is i can't login to the game it says "Error: Login: Wrong name". i successfully registered my 2 gmail accounts (didn't get confirmation from RFO) but no luck, still can't login to the game.
  11. How about, you can't buy mining tool in ore?
  12. Problem Login In

    Sir TRON I have a problem with the game I cant Login to the mean launcher.. pls help
  13. How can you not login in the main launcher? Can you be specific on the problem?
  14. What about " Potion related unknown error: 9" ?
    I tried everything, I cant use any potion.
    What to do??
  15. Please help I couldnt log on my account;

    Username: iyesh018
    IGN: iTeeJ

    i havent created a master password as well. from day 1 i created my account i cannot log it in game cp.

    I dont know if this is related to my problem but i set my password with 16 characters combination of numbers and alphabet.
  16. you need to log on in game first so you can create a fireguard password before logging in on game cp.
  17. i already did that. during the 1st day of my account and after i created my first character,

    my IGN is as mentioned above - iTeeJ (Acc)
  18. my niece accidentally delete my char.
    and i restore it.. but the thing is the ign change to number..
    by any chance.. what do i need to do to change back the old ign?
    --- Post updated ---
    Sir TRON Reply to my PM.
    he said: "Hi, you can buy change name potion in web shop. "

    Problem Solve! :)
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  19. Sir Tron I havent played for a while but i know my account Username and password and i have logged it in but i forgot my FireguardPassword [email protected] is the email that i used please help

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