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Discussion in 'Flames of Hell' started by xBertod, Mar 12, 2018.

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  1. i also saw some council TP as fast. i smell fishy of this shit 2vs1 and still doing that . we know who`s behind that summoning jutsu technique after dead in ACC easy summoned as fvk . its not the first time but i noticed also cora Tp as fast as fvk from CCC to CORE . hope and please dont abuse POWER its makes your server going down . while in the other side some GM doing well to make server more pops.
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  2. You people do know about TP pots right? Also, don't accuse without proof . It's senseless
  3. these facking guys Talking shit. omg when cora have been 2vs1 wtf? you guys with lots of donor cant even give a good pvp. thats why bells RL iSinBad allied with cora as of the moment because acc can give a good "PVP". we gave you guys good PVP for past 2wars lastnights war should be draw also we can still def that shiit out there, we just abort the cw because of this shit and those shit that happened.
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  4. Its ok i understand what you feel, but unlike ccc and bcc mobs., acc has no debuff so i dnt see it as annoying but it in your own oppinion.

    You better watch your words here buddy,. If you cannot understand my explanation regarding i cannot explain who did it let me rephrase it to what you can understand.. this will be simple.. i dont know who summon those ME so i cannot explain it to you..

    This is xBertod thread make your own thread regarding menchies..
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  5. hahahh wtf made me laugh on this, yeah right its xBertod not menchies, btw whos that guy crying about menchies
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  6. they already know what are they doing bro ^^
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  7. Sir that time that cora have 2vs1 mobs is gone CORA is not defending. we are doing free hit that time am i right sir? i did not recall when was that time that cora defending without mobs. i was always entangle while doing pvp in cora. again I did not recall cora in the middle of cora defending that mobs is gone. i recall mobs are gone when we are on free dps no cora defending coz they are afraid to get them cpt and tempos negative.Again I did not recall cora defending their chip then the mobs wipe. I just recall no resistance from cora that time mobs gone so that rerollers cant hms.
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  8. BTW bring some bells here, they dont know whats happening its all on cora and acc hahhahahhahahahhahahahhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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  9. I hope you can see they have a lot of TP Pots lol
  10. HAHAHAHAHA LOTS OF TP POTS? can u tp while being hit? can u tp while refreshing the buffs? can you type the name of the person you want to tp so fast that even your almost dead? mybe if someone summoned you? does cora have recall skill like bells??? cora mageXmelle have 3 to 4 like cragmine tp? come me some skills bro
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  11. The truth has been spoken. hahahaha
    at first i thought it happen only on me. but it seem every player know and see it too
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  12. Uuuuu some sort of "magic" keyboard then just say the ign then puff gone yeah fck that sht
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    Thread Close: ^l23
    the flame has stopped, i don't know what happen but for some reason i got unbanned.
    trying to find out why, anyways THANKYOU,

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  14. good to be back xBertod ^l33
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  15. Better learn from your mistakes., and tell your RL be a proper leader and tell also your appointed nuker he looted hms in cora 2pm war nice job..
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