Corruption Guild

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  1. That's because no one loves you blix :cd:
  2. shhh you're gone already go away pls
  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it's been a while guys.
  4. Is it possible to join?
  5. IGN: Momma
    Ventrilo Name: Zapmaster
    Class: Warrior (66)
  6. But, you're in Cora!
  7. Nothing lasts forever :)
  8. Reroller.
  9. Stalker detected. :3
  10. IGN: Raziana
    Ventrillo name: Raz
    Class: Pure Armor Rider

    old school player from when codemasters ran the show
  11. The grandma and grandpa of RFO...

    droppind by..

    If someone sees shinyu or myu. Msge me. I can't open my other forum account ffxiii
  12. This guild sounds like good fun, I'll have to apply once I start playing again :)
  13. 6 years ago...
    Debuff with relics

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