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  2. hahaha so many will be ban if that rule is active
  3. yeah council rules still applies, get to report inactive councils with proof so they can do something about them
  4. Well i heard an rl of a race transfer to other race and became its rl.. so if that is not illegal so i can play to other race to as council :) thats my reason for asking..
  5. Yes it is still applicable but in some ways GM's can't instantly ban them due to vast downfall of a certain population as a result no player might want to balance the race.

  6. you heard? can you name him? no need to do some mindgames mention it directly. also got some gossips about former councils from a race, transfered from 1race to other too and took some spots.
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  7. Can you state name of the rl you are talking or referring to?
  8. Well, in my opinion, some players I think are trying to balance out the games on their own. I think you may be referring to the new RL of cora now who's a donor that came out of nowhere. ^^ Well, no use talking about this. Cause gossips and rumors come hand in hand with the politics. Better just enjoy the game. :p
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    Just saying, what if the rumor you're referring to is just a rumor you yourself created? Not accusing you. Just stating a possibility. I'm an active player so I hear a lot of rumors going on but I'll just keep them to myself. :p
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    so you been gossip of MyEveline ohh hell his a old player also and as far i can remember he is not a NEW one he also serve cora ,he just hibernate for years i think , why so affected on it? u want war right so some old players also is giving JUST ENJOY it !
  10. Yeah I am an inactive councilhehehe ban me. miss you guys! how r u doin!

    @Mahkel! hoi, i saw u in ragna haha

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