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    Recruiting Loyal And Active member join to my guild..
    GL: CooLeinTs17

    thankz...join it now.....:ay:
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. GoodLuck to your guild
  4. Good Luck Sir.. and Keep it Up...
  5. ....nice!
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    So... This ACC Guild is Alive Again? Btw 3rd Former GL on Guild CrimePhilippiNES Since [AcePlayer] Got Banned That Time.... Pestilence006 Here ^^ ! GoodLuck Guys .. I Hope [AcePlayer] will come back soon..

    Good Luck On Your Guild Dude ... ^^
  7. He keeps on violating rules! LOL. anyways CrimePhil is alive again! my very first imperial guild in acc when I started RFO! Good luck mates!
  8. wooah!
    the old guild is baack!
    Good Luck to you and your guildmates
  9. that time CP and Misstaken was the top guild im on misstaken guild :D

  10. ...bump

  11. .....thanks guys to good asking my guild"im aliving my guild because i miss so much...

    ...i swear guys your joining my guild CrimePhilippiNES ^^
  12. come back CoLeints012 to your guild....miss you all guyzz ...xD
  13. GudLoCk to you Guilld .. :)
  14. yeah thank you all guys..... :ay:
  15. this is a nice giuld before :))
  16. can i join?? ^_^ ahahah PILIPINO rocks!!!!
  17. GudLuck to your guild

    IGN: kimramos | BossKim | MrKim
    Race: Bellato | Bellato | Bellato
    Status: Hibernate |Active | Hibernate
  18. :D I just miss this GUILD :D
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