do i have bug temp on PVP point?

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  1. GM,

    sir I still have problems of PVP points (TEMPO), please check the attached pictures. my TEMPO dont match on my Kills and DEATH ratio. Thanks GM!

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  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. the first time you killed the player sir you get tempo and CPT,
    the next time if you kill him again you cant get TEMPO anymore, you can only get CPT if your enemies CPT is on not max deduction. ..

    but if you've been killed in different players of course automatically deducted in your tempo/CPT points, but if you get killed by the same player twice or thrice the tempo is not deducted, but if your in not max deduction in your CPT possible you'll be deducted on that same player.
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  4. We've recently adjusted the temporary points but what iBudots said is also one of the factor why you are getting less temporary points. Before you can gain temporary points again after you've repeatedly killed an enemy you still have to wait for the reset to happen, I'll try to ask @i[AcePlayer] if he can conduct tests about this and we will immediately report this to @TRON
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    Thanks sir GM! we will wait for changes...meanwhile im just enjoying the game
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    Yes sir! true but what i am trying to do is send message to our beloved GMs to take action since they are on the process of changing things regarding tempos...BTW sir miss u playing ACC..we are waiting for ur return...
  6. Scarcity of character ahahahah always recent.
  7. waiting for new update server sir regarding on max level and others. . ..
    hope we attract more players. ..don't forget sir add projectiles in cash shop for specs^l23

    THANYOU, RFO. ..
    GOD BLESS. ..

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