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  3. if you level up the summon kindly update also the 85 SGL of acc spec? coz 85 SGL is only 400 more damage than 70 sgl. better to use +7 70 sgl than wasting mc c and s on 85 SGL , the damage is only 400 difference.
  4. I think there is no more updating for grenade launcher since acc has improved race specialty which is the level 85 siege kit while bellato has t5 85 arms, and the only specialty got behind is the cora summons,

    Well i agree its a waste of MC’s for some spec player of acc but is it really a waste? Originaly spec grenade launcher is made for support purposes and it depends on how the player will use it on pvp.
  5. what about towers? :D tower still piece of crap that is just 3 - 4 hits combo then destroyed :D
  6. What about higher level traps? Now when everone use 85 armors traps are kinda useless..
    And i agree cora should have higher level animus now.. look the demage that isis deal to a level 85 robots
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  8. no my trap damage to voltron is 300max damage :(
  9. @TRON I TRIED PLing SUMMON's on 117 & Couldron but no EXP gain and its still stop on 66 lvl , make it lvl 85 Sir please THANK U! I BEG YOU FOR THE BOTTOM OF MY PRECIOUS & HUMBLE HEART @TRON :*
  10. 66-72 @oc 72-85 @vc
  11. I tried to PL my hecate at naroom captain it will take a lot of time to lvl to 67 but i guess it will paid off if you will succeed in doing it so have patience to level it up..

  12. LOLit will take such time forY @TRON ALL UPDATE IS on ACCRE SIDE damn make it balance PLEASE!

  13. -Yes its a waste sir. why Spec upgrade 85 +7 sgl if no damage? better use lvl 50 sgl if sgl only purpose of it is support.

    - even if summons did not lvl its still so much itchy damage. hecate stun alone is a big disadvantage on def type. isis no miss on dodgers.

    - Mau range type no dodge. melle type big deff.

    -Spec acc = support ONLY no damage, easily dies.
    --- Post updated ---
    LOL last time that the armor of acc 85 and 75 attributives, launcher even donator MISS bug accuracy. Why you did not shout for balance? since the start of 85 cap the balance gone. Cora and bells dominate. acc got left BEHIND. NOW that ACC is gaining your CRYING for BALANCE? NOW that we have some Updates for acc that should be long time ago YOUR CRYING? IF YOU WANT TO BE BALANCE. DON'T make your race on top always. NOW that CORA LOSING even you have ally YOUR CRYING?

    HOW MUCH MORE IF YOU DONT HAVE ALLY and ALWAYS GOT 2 vs 1! YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT ACC LOYAL FELT WHEN THEY MAKE CAP 85. EVEN YOU HAVE +7 70 CR with 3d bbl . Cora and bells laugh at you coz you easily DIE! 3 to 4 bell or cora can KILL you! 1 cora mage caster 85 +6 set will be killed by almost 2 party ACC. EVEN NOW you need 1 party ACC with specs to kill 1 mage caster cora or bell. ACC spec, launcher needs only cora or bell to kill. still your CRYING??? NOW THAT ACC IS SAME LVL AS YOU AND ALMOST HAVE ITEMS LIKE YOU YOUR CRYING FOR BALANCE?????
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  14. I agree and dis agree to this spec brother, i know some players who use spec class for killing.. i even experience 1 on 1 with them with donate item and armors and i lost however having a minimum upgrade makes a big difference in output somehow it depends on how you will use it. Players called it SKILLS.

    +7 70 vs +7 75 vs +7 85 master grenade lau big difference but, if you know how to compute the sum of each effects youll see the difference.

    Its like +6 70 relic spear vs +7 85 spear the dmg of both weapon is big but if you will wield them the dmg will be shown,

    If you want to learn how to pvp using spec ask GIX, iWash, Gotei13 those are some old spec i remember who really can kill alone.

  15. Yeah I know them sir. I already try 85 +7 sgl and 70 sgl +7 its almost the same damage sir, I am using my spec, no kills. only support. even you have fast hands you cant kill. 1 on 1 with casters you just debuff and mc. 1 on 1 with melle they just use shield. 1 on 1 with ranger maybe possible to kill but the damage of +7 70 sgl on 85 +6 armors is just 1000 plus. or 2k. even I will use VI they will just cure it 2x.. how much more on maus 85 normal hit 5000 or less per hit. if you use staff 85 +7 on mau you can damamage 18k and up. even melle weapons can damge mau 12k and up. even Kaze did not play his spec because of that difference in damage. better to use 70 spec than 85. if they will update the summons they should consider to update the damge of sgl so that spec can kill not only support just like before.
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    Well youre comparing pure warrior/mage vs spec class of acc with only have support buff and no other enhance skill, those class are made to make dmg and just like what i told you spec class is not the special class of ACC so do not compare to summon of cora and MAU of bellato, ACC has gunners and its super updated.

    If you have a time to take a look on their each disadvantages and advantages it will make sense,

    Bells MAU
    Dis. - cant heal nor be healed by mages during pvp unless they go unmaunt and repair,
    Adv. - they can last long for some dps aince they have a good amount of hp, unless they got FF.

    Cora Summoners,
    Dis. - supper soft low hp, lower than a ranger and less dmg compare to pure warlock.
    Adv. - summon for extra dmg and heal but you cant summon all at the same time you habe to choose..

    Acc gunner,
    Dis. - they cant run while on siege kit,
    Adv. - maximize dmg accuracy, use BB for stability and endurance.

    If you still whine for ACC spec low dmg think about cora spec it has summon to but they dont ask for update since its primarily job is to provide support, unlike bells spec which is the race specialty.

    And if you feel like you wasted your MCs for updating master grenade launcher youre not alone. I dont know if my post was still here in forum regarding master grenade, i was the first to upgrade master grenade to +7 75 and compare it to +7 70, that was my huge regret of upgrading so i made a post of it and whine just like you here.
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