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  1. Sir GM please Disconnect my account.. cant log in due. its start from crash. ig: ynta[x]
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. Try to login now
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  4. I don't know what to do sir GM.. It always happen.. I tried 3 times re download the full client as well as I follow the steps. But it still occur (error log in already log in ) every time the game crash, I can't log in :( it will took at least 30 mins or less just to recon... I cannot bother you always just to disconnect me.. So is their any way to fix this sir? I try to play on our office, and it seems fine.
    note: my pc is compatible for playing games. like pubg. Sir GM your reply is highly appreciated. :)

    Best Regards
  5. Hi, as per your statement that when you're playing at home that's the only time this error occurred, but when playing at your work place everything is running smoothly, and you mentioned that your unit is compatible with the game. and you reinstalled the full client three times already. I only see one problem here, that is your internet connection.

    the lack of a good internet connection can cause disconnecting from the game, this is what you should do for the time being until your internet connection is not yet stable, if the problem occur again do this. run the client, but don't login to the game yet. go to the task manager and find the rfolympic, right click on it and click the GO TO DETAILS, and right click again then click END TASK.

    Usually when the game crashed, the rfolympic client is still running in your unit system, thats the reason why you cant login back into the game. it take's sometime before the rfolympic system detect's that you're not connected and kick's you out completely from the game.

  6. Hi Sir GM!

    Thanks for the reply. I test my internet and it's true my connection is unstable, so i think that is the main problem. I try your solution when the game crash. It works sir thank you. At least I don't have to wait 30 mins ^^. Thanks a lot :)

    Best Regards
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  7. Master GM, when I try to log in, it says "Error: Failed to execute client!" please help
  8. Use the Task Manager then click processes and find the RFOlympic.exe then force the client to stop then log in.
  9. perc thats wrong let me explain i understand hes problem, because it happen to me sometimes....

    that occurs when the rfonline.exe lose ping and force closes ..
    example: i login to the game when the ping cuts off and it force closes(this error will not happen if you did not force closes)...
    when you login it will promt... Account already login... there is nothing you can actually do because the flow of that in the system is your IP is still active because you did not even logout your char and your IP never stops the connection to the server...
    but no worry this error is not long enough actually arround 20secs - 2mins only then you can login again
  10. thanks masters! it has helped me a lot. more powers to you masters!!

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