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    Greetings Olympians!

    As RF Olympic became one of the oldest RF ONLINE server’s we would like to thank you Players for your continuous support. As a reward I decided to host an event and give incentives to players who have been supporting the server throughout these days. Players will be given 25 credits as incentives or rewards for their loyalty. I will personally choose players, players who are active in terms of participating in Chip War’s and events hosted by GM’s. I know there are so much to choose from but there are exceptional players who are very much active compared to the other ones. Now, some of you might be thinking if you’re a “ Newbie “

    How can we participate or how can we get incentives/rewards too?

    1. Join Chip Wars

    2. Participate in any In Game Events

    3. Be active

    Everyone has the chance to win as long as you are active.

    There will be 8 winners all of them will be given 25 credits each.

    When : Saturday, March 31, 2018.

    Time : 6:00 PM + 8 GMT


    Post your screenshots/proofs here : [Incentives Event] Post your proofs here.
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  2. Okay, so let's start the event!
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  3. Additional : 3 players will be chosen to receive bonus credits. I will choose 1 player per race to receive 5 credits.
  4. Congratulations to all the Winners! I already sent your proofs to @TRON. Wait for your credits to be inserted.
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