[Event]The resurrection of TheJ0KER

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    Greetings Citizens of Novus!

    The J0KER has been revived and he is now again plotting his evil plan to destroy the community. Your mission is to kill and find him in all Maps. The search for the mysterious J0KER is not going to be easy. The J0KER will be moving from another map to another in order for himself not to be revealed. The J0KER will hide in all places including dimensions.

    Mechanics :

    1. Find TheJ0KER

    2. Kill him and do not share it to anyone.

    3. As soon as you have seen the J0KER immediately turn on your video and then kill the joker. Make sure that your video is on before killing the J0KER.
    TheJ0KER will give you clues. All clues will not be announce in game but it will be announce here on Forum, exclusively on this thread.

    TheJ0KER is itemless and naked so it will be easy for you guys to kill him.

    How to join :

    Upon submitting your entry everyone must follow this submission format.

    Video/Proof that you killed the J0KER:

    Submission of Entries :
    Submission Thread. Click Here!

    Question about the Event :
    Questions about the event. Click here!

    Prizes :
    1-3rd place = 50c
    4-6th Place = 30c
    7-8th Place = 10c
    9-10th place = 5c

    Good luck!
  2. Prizes updated.
  3. The schedule of the Event will be moved tomorrow after 2pm War, Probably 6pm-8pm.
  4. Let's start the Event!
  5. TheJ0KER is now hiding. Keep updated!
  6. " I was surrounded by robots, and some of them are shielders. "
  7. " I can see green waters falling above and a few robots roaming the surroundings guarding the path way. "
  8. 3 minutes have passed! I will transfer to another map!
  9. " I can see a very plain white surroundings and a stagnant water "
  10. " The waters are too warm and it feels like I'm on the hot spring. "
  11. " I can see all green and a bit dark room, I am all alone "
  12. " The forest are surrounding me and a non-stop rain is falling. "
  13. " I can see cages and there are monster carrying a look a like of SGL "
  14. " I can see a big flower that was burned by Lava Sand, the passage was full of Flying Small monsters, they are so painful and so hard to click. The land was filled with raining forest. 1 portal to another "
  15. " I can see a big huge cockroach surrounding me and if this would become a reality, it will really by hot. "
  16. Time! For the 7th place.
  17. " The place was filled with mechanical ships and infrastructure I fell like I'm at the outer space and there are living creatures roaming around and they are called as Turncoats. "
  18. " I can see white surroundings and there are mountains and trees, there are bridges as well. There are also floating rocks, and this place is so called the Repair. "
  19. Sorry I got busy this past 2 days. Tomorrow before 2pm War +8 GMT I will start the event. for 3rd place, 9th and 10th placer.
  20. Hi, sorry I got hectic schedule. I will try my best to continue the event Tomorrow Morning before 2pm War.

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