Flame more noobs

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  1. So sad only know those 3 for summons monster lol so sad being GM Lolololololololol
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  2. Yup thats kicking cora since he was afk during war and he is a RL that time so where is the favoritism now? Thats when cora is being 2vs 1 by acc and bells :) more please ask more to @paul atalan insecure be like :)
  3. Hahahahaha. Chill chill. I dont care if you guys will kill each other ill remain cool and play. Please have a peace talk we all should love love love each other

  4. hahaha yawa nonsense pauL
  5. Oh really so sad? I was just restraining my self to summon since hqpbs are not my tempo :)
  6. Dont make damay damay to me im just here to play and enjoy hahaha
  7. hahah insecure paul sadlife
  8. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh @@
  9. Crying like a lady ^l9^l33
  10. Type slowly to avoid typo, fix your grammar. So anyone will understand, What do you want to say.

    You are too eager to express your feelings and opinions regardless of what you type, it make you looks funny and like a kid.
  11. sorry to interrupt but damn if this is true then thats hard to defend. that's one hell of an asset xD
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  12. shut up paul xD. just grab a beer and popcorn then enjoy the show ^l14
  13. fcking @i[AcePlayer] secretly kicking me out of the server.. name those abusive GMs. *grabs more popcorn*
  14. so kicking is real in this game @TRON
  15. Hi, I will check logs to see who use GM commands to kicked pl from the game.
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  16. if this is true? OMG im gonna die laughing hahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
  17. Im thankful for your support sir TRON !
  18. lol need to look on my grammar, wtf i'm not here to school, i'm here to play pick u don't be such a perfect english grammer sheet here , use your packing initiative to understand it!
    --- Post updated ---

    hahahahha don't kick me please xD
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  19. @i[AcePlayer] You need to check the new recruited GM Staff. @kaze48 yeah, I agree @i[AcePlayer] make aceplayer held responsible for this. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA [EVIL LAUGH] Kidding. Peace in! WAHAHAH
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  20. How dare you! I'm leaving, I'm leaving your guild sensei. Haha!
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