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    Take note. This is not Flames of Hell. I posted it in this section since having enhancements is related to what will be posted.

    By request, All ideas ( only realistic ideas ) are allowed to be posted. With regards to the title, Post Videos of certain things that you have noticed that needs to be adjusted or you think needs to be improved (drastically) so that your argument or what you are pushing through has strong evidence. Remember to put your reasons for adjustments and make sure the reason is valid for this to be evaluated properly.

    Note: Irrelevant comments or Stupid posts will be deleted and will have a 3 day sanction. This is Ideas and Enhancement section thus what is posted here is serious stuff and no stupidity.

    This thread is meant as a suggestions thread to GMs and Admin. Keep it neat please suggestions only, make a separate thread for discussions.
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    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. Since no one posted, I guess i should start. I found it annoying sometimes on how many people dont know register for a forum account, how to download, install and register again for a game account just to play game.. I might suggest repacking the game or make a game launcher format that has a link to create a user account? Or atleast make a no forum acct required game download.
  4. Equal tempo points is all i wanted. :)
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    make the traps cost more! maybe just a little more per piece?
    trappers are everywhere... some of them place traps on illegal areas using other accounts
    and they are not afraid of getting banned since trappers don't really need gears you just need to be high level enough to traps anywhere
    :bb: :bm: :aq:
  6. I think a better solution would be to require jade when planting traps. So that even if they try to make a new char, they would also need to get a jade for that character in order to use traps. This would filter the people who make lvl65's just to plant traps in illegal areas. :ca:
  7. THIS. I would definitely agree that Trappers would require Jade to place 65 Traps..
    Since they are often described as "easy temp".. this should give them a little bit of a challenge.. minus the abuse of planting in illegal areas
  8. Manto wings with designs... Its ok to let it be the same stats as long as it has different designs for us to get busy dessing up our characters :)

    So far thats the only thing i could think of..
    I will be back for more!! :)
  9. additional HP for pure class, there are only few pure class because aside from pure class receive only few tempo point rather than the xlass, the lack of HP also matter, +7 weapon can easily be obtain, elems of 21.21 AD is available in the Hero (but i think 50% of the player already have 3D BBL), so maxing your attack it not that hard, so instead of choosing pure class with additional skill (or buffs) they rather choose xclass for additional HP (more HP, increase chances of survival). The pure class which make the race unique to each other become useless, He/she may be Acc/Cora/Bell but they all have same skills in battle field.
  10. +1 to this....
    and Pure class melee,especially the Shielder's should have the highest HP ingame not the xclass......
  11. I know this has nothing to do regarding the game balancing but i find it very annoying and irritating to fix the option settings and macro chats everytime you relog.
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    Def of acc and bcc are too OP compared to cora... especially with bells in their SS set and even the Heal is too OP... Cora's offense buffs are now useless because if we fight them in SS armors we are paper in def and food for them same with FR +7 set, if we change armor and fight them with CR set its pointless cause we cant put a dent on them as you can see during war... we choose between almost immortal enemies... some are dodgers some are def types 1 bell or 1 acc is already difficult to kill how much more with their race and number...

    is there any fix for this? since specs in acc were "fixed" how bout the heal and SS armors of bells?
  13. I have to say that i am very disagree with you. If bells heal and SS armor are nerfed. They will become way too underpowered since those are the only advantage they got. Bells dont have burst damage like in cora nor have tanky armor like in acc especially if ss bells armor are nerfed. And thus i am sure it will become more imbalance than we have now.
  14. gold points and gold capsule??
  15. Actually Bells ARMORS have more defense/dsr than Cora`s ARMORS from lvl60SS to lvl65B .
  16. i know that sir
  17. +100000000000000000000000000000000
  18. maybe atleast one of these(heal/SS armors) should be nerfed to atleast balance the damage... as you can see bells has a lot of def buffs already(holy shield,resist,heal) :bl::af:
  19. well if its only 1 of those then i guess it seems fair. Although it could be impossible to implement. for ex bell ss armor dsr bug is already going on like forever. but still isnt fixed even until now.
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    Perhaps the Bell's SS armor need to be fix, however it's fair that bells will have their heal since it's their ability in the game (perhaps to lowered the Heal level from lv7 to lv5 or lower). One thing that will balance out the game and especially in CW is to remove dess runes or simply ban dess runes on CW.
  21. Des does not imbalance the game.. The fact that all 3 Races can use it and it's one of the fun part in CW
    especially when you're under the pressure of being 2v1.

    Bells doesn't have burst/spike damage Compared to Cora.. and isn't as Tanky as ACC. So basically they lie in between.. Since Bells isn't good at being Solo, due to the lack of damage buffs, they rely on team play and flexibility. That is where the heals comes in Play. You do also know that your Summoners have Inanna which can heal you without disrupting your PvP right? unlike heal, we trade our "DPS" cast for a "Survivability" cast. Now all you need to do is teach your summoners how to debuff and heal others with their Inanna.

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