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  1. ] +1 to this, It's not a bad idea. Makes more fun and interesting to war. :bp:
  2. the best thing I can think of is nerf the innana heal that can heal 4k+ with their pots and candy, while they can still DPS is just idiotic combo...even councils cant compete with that...or donors...
  3. Well, i agree with bells dsr and heal, either of it need to be nerf. But i guess since bells ss dsr is a long standing bug problem and never been solve, so i think it's impossible to solve and that left us with only one option left which is nerf the heal. I think we should reduce how much hp it heal, what make of us think that bells heals is little bit unbalance is because how effective it is. So, reducing how much HP it heal should solve the unbalance issue, i think.

    The other suggestion, i want to make a is on 2BBBL bonus, though most 2BBBL user is acc and acc have the toughest armor, but most of acc don't use 3d+BBBL since we don't get any speed bonus from it. We usually roll with 2 26.26 AD + 2 BBBL. Since, we don't use 3d+BBBL, we don't get HP bonus and that is where the unbalance lay. I suggest that we add a HP bonus to 2BBBL user if it's possible, somewhere around 5-10% should be enough, since we don't want acc becoming OP, and i guest 2BBBL user from other race will get benefit from this as well.

    The other suggestion, will be on tower, if it's possible we should delete excelciar C on tower requirement. It cost so many VP for the specialist from all race, i mean every war we pop at least one tower and it cost us dear. Maybe we should add more race money for popping it, but not excelciar C.
  4. i want LGS to be stacked up to 500 or 999 for easier trades :)
  5. I think to make it balance even more up temps to pure classes . . . , BTW even if im a trapper i could kill u even not using my traps :)
  6. BTW i think bells SS set should be fix . . . +5 ss set of bells are like a +7[65] cr in Cora :(
  7. Sorry folks all ur suggestions are not even granted.
  8. Server Upgrade to New Level

    I wish the server will upgrade to the new level wherein there will be master skill and new Level cap and new maps and new Chip War Map area and still has the balance. I also wish that Talk Jade will be allowed so that player can Trashtalk other Enemy Race to give a gave a enthusiastic and eager display of emotion towards other race. the so called Revenged!!! Hahahah.
  9. aggre with talk jade and new map!! sounds great!!
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    rfo now imbalance because population acc reach +-60%
    it will be increase to 100% if they always win ^^
    many reroller in there~
    pls take some action

  11. +1 to this, because this will be more interesting, and i hope more ppl will do play again on this server

    in addtional , i also suggesting to upgrade the TEMPS of pure classes not even equal to xclass but more higher like 240-250 temps, i hope this will be granted, because pure class really rocks! and pure classes really can help one race, also please REMOVE THE CANDY + ELVEN WEAPON thats all i want for now,

  12. The red statements I truly agree on. Save the pvp!!:aq:
  13. Game balancing has always been an issue in our server but still we managed to adapt on every situation, i think the issue that needs balancing is the tempo points on pure classes, i'm sure if they increase the tempo points on pure classes retired/hibernated and bored players will be encouraged to play again, for me it's a win win situation on both players and server.
  14. gid am sir..olsss balance the dodge..its too over power..+6 grace gloves have no effect
  15. I have tried to hit BCC n CCC using Grace + 6 , Aimming Booster G99 , its a little hard but, when you remove their buff and force support buff, BCC n CCC too easy to kill, seriously ..
  16. wishfully this server become HOT again like old times ..
    Im missing some epic war on 2011. every place like armory, solus anacade, haram and others places. hope all Olympians and GM can be a teamwork. Keep this server HOT !!
  17. The server is dying :bt:
  18. bring back Acc spec's range...
  19. balancing,issues,suggestions

    Based on my observations..
    ..from returning from my hibernation.... unfortunately... a lot of "bad" events has caused me to predict that this server will die if players' complaints are not addressed..the server is really dying...many players are bored/hibernating/frustrated and are switching servers... because of imbalance..
    1. Give pure class more tempo... come on they are the unique class and low hp...i'm an ACC ranger and cant use CR sets to def up when the going is tough unlike XCLASS people do... most players like maybe 90% off the time are xclass...where is the uniqueness of the game/race/class if all players are the same..
    2. About the dodge,,, yes a lot of players complain about THIS... I am raiding often at bells settlements and when there is a dodger type...guess what with +6 grace lau gloves,aiming booster,and even lau set for the added accuracy +accu pots? 2/10 is a hit... i tried going dodger type on ACC and looks like dodge doesnt work much even with leon's perf bow,+6 mercy buts and 26/21 aa...hahaha its like the bells got "passive" increased dodge.. i know some of u guys are saying "u need to debuff them first so u can kill them stupid"
    so do i need to take a spec everytime i raid? i cant because there are less players now to call and have a raid party...
    3. Imba donors= haha well im sure you wont agree with me on this one guys but...our server banner states like "balanced donations"... based on my play time? there ain't no freakin balanced when u donate...
    ...a normal player who busted his ass and worked hard for complete sets and +6 gloves only to find out he cant hit/kill a donator (except for traps, hahaha) and the donator (a new player for 1 month) does him in 2 hits or 3 is an insult to him...seriously.. but i guess money does make you strong huh... well the server is gonna be a battle of the donators then...the race who has the most donators is the strongest... what happened to the normal players? left out...its CREDIT WARS than CHIP WARS..
    4.I know this isn't related but can u please close down all opened macros/mail/etc during log-in....everytime we log-in its like we are bombarded by a lot of opened windows...and please fix the macro...we have to retype numbers and other letters in our macros when we relog...
    5. A reward system for active players....example: on other servers they get GOLD POINTS for an amount of time they are logged in and get bonus GOLD POINTS if they attended the CW... im sure this will attract players to go pvp during cw rather than AFK and defend CX...
    6. Please make bonus points convertible to that a player who always votes may be able to get credits...because creds=money..some players just don't wanna spend much money but are willing to spend time...
    7. And finally can u please make Legacy Blade tradeable? its a set point for scamming...and please if by any chance make trade windows accommodate a lot items for a single trade? i really am afraid of doing big trades since i was a victim of scamming once.. example: how will u trade +6 SS grace gloves=10k LGS? council trade of course but what if there are no councils? or the council will be tempted? least make the stack capacity higher then for LGS like 500 lgs in one that it can fit in the 15 slot trade window..

    >Kind comments are appreciated....
    >Like I said... these are my observations and i might be corrections are welcome (NO NEED FOR TRASHTALK)
    >considerations to my suggestions and implementation would be gracefully appreciated and i hope will usher more new players and reactivate old hibernating players...

    Thanks :ax:
  20. ACC rangerXwarrior can hit me 6/10 of the time (my dodge is 246), i think they've re-adjusted the dodge and accuracy.
    So before you guys cry around and complain, try it for yourselves.

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