Game Balancing Adjustments

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  1. 1. i agree with this, i tried pure class gunner and its hard to get tempo with this class 1 kill=120 tempo,1 death=300-330 tempo
    2. kinda sucks but deal with it.
    3. well donators are always strong its already a given fact
    4. no comment
    5. this is a nice suggestion but it will give MORE reason for AFKers to AFK
    6. this won't be possible because it will attract more MAV and if this is implemented then how can TRON pay the bills for this server,it will not survive a year
    7. i agree with Legacy Blade to be tradeable now that most people are trading this item...
  2. About the aiming if youre acc you need +6 grace gloves, compose premium, both melee and range accuracy buff (they stack) and you can hit a dodger with 250 dodge below. Aiming jetpack increase only the normal attack accuracy so if your not a gunner on a siege kit don't even bother using it. Most players don't buff both melee & range accuracy so that's why you can't hit.
  3. i don't even know that melee range buff stack on every types of weapon
  4. holy crap...both buffs of melle and ranger do stack? imma try now hahaha...

  5. ...ohh yes on second thought do not make credits and bonus convertible...the server needs donations to keep it alive..bout the rewards though i really wish they could monitor active players and reward them with vote points...NOT THE AFK'ERS...hehehe
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    All we want is Balanced Temporary Points for Everyone 300 Per Kill

    and Laatly to avoid AFK Voters They must kill 50 different character in 1 week so that they can vote!
  7. Still here waiting for ss armors of bells or heal to be nerfed thats it 1on1 or pve situation, for me bells still get the upper hand because of heal Or bugged armors, im not asking for both to be nerfed, just one of them to balance what is suppose to be the "great and poweful" attack of cora
  8. acc spec's range you can see acc support class is dying...when i was playing with my spec i cant count how many active spec online and now i barely see spec,a support that is barely can support in wars due to range issues,1 debuff and poof! cant net/vi/impact etc. even in mid range then when you buff again poof! another debuff before you can even finish your buffs...sigh...:bf:

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