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  1. hi Guys. I just want to ask why I am experiencing so much lag in every game? i downloaded the client last December 2017 for the first month of playing RFO i had a very good gaming experience since there is no lag but after 1 month i am experiencing a lag like delayed skills, Character blinking, Backtracking and etc. i just thought it's just a server lag but the following days this lags occurs continuously. i checked my internet connection and i found out that its not because of the internet connection because i have a very good connection. I played other online games and it runs smoothly without lagging. also the download is fast enough. only in RFO i experienced a game lag. and it's very annoying because i cant enjoy the PVP because of delayed skills and Character blinking and backtracking and sometimes it screen freezes. can someone help me about this? what should i do to fix this?
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    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. The delays you are experiencing is because of your ISP it may visibly look normal but you will experience lag. I am not experiencing lag at all.

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