GM ADMINS how to get Flame Predator Amulet in Accretia ? please help me

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    GM ADMINS how to get Flame Predator Amulet in Accretia ? please help me
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. No way. They were disabled
  4. I need a reply from GM ADMINS please.
  5. LOL, Then send him a private msg instead of this. :ae:
  6. Please I need an urgent confirmation from GM ADMINS , I prefer this so it can be read by many gms , chatting them all would be hard , i would like a confirm ASAP please. :bc:
  7. Or you could listen to the people that have been around here for 4 years. You think they wouldn't have tried to get their hands on some draco elems?
  8. thanks , i believe them i just wanted to triple check
  9. hdh elems are rental here drop from the pb at elf inside the temple or all of them drops
  10. WHOOOAH!?!? really? Elf bosses drops hdh? gonna try to take em down, soon.
  11. Flame perds are draco elems. Draco doesn't have drop here.
    And good luck dropping elf PBs, You'll need a GM on never die mode to tank it. No player can.
  12. we've done it before in cora that was year 2011 i think with roar 3 and cb buffs mumbleboyz guild
  13. Maybe the new Event Master can do this.. Once TRON appoints one, that is. :ca:
  14. if that elms drop but it not permanent is useless
  15. if that's the case, those who posted a video killing elf bosses and some other tough bosses had a help from a gm?

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