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  1. Greetings Olympians

    Due to the repeated incident of scamming that is happening now, which sometimes with the involvement of some former and active council, we agreed upon to provide you some assistance by taking part as a middleman, for you to have a contentment when doing a transaction with your valuable items. This action is taken to prevent further more damage to our community by those scammer players. On behalf of our Team ill be acting as an Intermediary on those trades that require a middleman, just to ensure that you will have a safe and successful trading.

    This is applicable for the same race transaction only, RACE TRADE are still not permitted

    Ex: same race trading
    acc - acc
    bcc - bcc
    ccc - ccc

    Official IGN to be use:

    Caution: pay attention to this, my IGN comes with E first before U in "TEUR"

    Those name's that are above mentioned are the only IGN I will be using to act as your middleman. Any name that is not written here, similar or imitated by adding other means is automatically a suspicious name and might be a fake GM, and will be subject to sanction.

    We sympathize with player who fall victim to scams, but we provide enough information here in the forum within our full capacity to help you make good trading decisions. If you got scammed, your items will be impossible to recover, the only thing we can do is punish those culprits, and your items go along with them.

    Remember when trading with another player takes extra precaution, don't let them rush you and make a sudden decision, that will lead you to a higher chance to be scammed. The GM's and Staff's have no obligation to return your lost items thru your negligence.

    You can reach me thru my GM Official Facebook account on the link provided below or send me a personal message here in the forum, and wait for my advice when to proceed.
    GM Percuteur <------ My Official GM Facebook Account Link

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