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  1. Greeting Olympian's

    We know that you are all eager to reach the max level, and some of you with specific level's that they desire,
    so here's the opportunity for you to gain good and fast experience.

    For new Player's for you to able to benefit this said event you must at least reach level 66. You're level will be the most vital part in every High level parties, because you'll be serving as a Last Hitter for them.

    What: GM PL Event (1 Hour Period, Every Race)
    When: Every Friday at Time Random (Starting Date: March 23, 2018 End Date: TBA)
    Who: ACC / BCC / CCC

    Where: Outside HQ

    Keep your selves updated, always visit our forum site and follow us on Facebook

    If you have any questions regarding this event, feel free to post them here:
    GM PL Event - Discussion Thread
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  2. Hello Guys, Since our server just recently performed an update about Experience Rate (3x), We will temporary discontinue the GM PL Event until further notice. This action is made to bring back the PvP in the following maps Cauldron and OutCast Land.
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