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    Dear RF Olympic Players. Due to the many PM's im receiving about the purpose of having the FG i decided to create this thread.

    This thread is especially for the New Comers. or as many of you call them * Newbies *.

    First of all. to download and register on RFO kindly Check this page.

    When you will log in the first time with your new account, it will request you to fill up the FG ( FireGuard ).

    Why do i need fireguard password?

    Fireguard password is a 2nd password which you will fill up during your login to complete the registration and it helps you log in game CP to vote. ( u can vote every 24 hours = 300VP. ) and also it completely defend your account from hackers.

    How to retrieve lost fireguard passwords?

    First before completing the filling it up fireguard password, there is a question portion, below on the fireguard password slot, its like this ' what's your pets name? ' Keep the answer only for you. TRON wont give u FireGuard Password. The only way to have back ur account is filling up the requires questions and remember your answer. ( i suggest you to create a Folder in your pc and saving inside ur info).

    RFO suggest you badly to do not have a pilot. The server have the best Account Security, so if something have been taken from your account the only reason is that you have been Scammed from the 2nd person that had the authority to log in your account from you.

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