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  1. De-buffing Strategy during PvP
    -RF online is a RACE vs RACE pvp game. Knowing which you are against with, gives you advantage about strengths and weaknesses and how to exploit them. One important part of pvp is debuffing, which can turn the tide of battle. See a level 65 warrior can be fully negated by level 50 mage with right timing and proper pvp skills. this guide tackles the essence of debuffing during pvp, knowing what you're against with and how to counter them..

    WARRIORS - Accretians are known for having movespeed accresory thus they walk that fast plus the use of wind weapon, they're also known for having considerable high def. Recognizing how they look-like will give you an idea which debuff to throw in. Warriors, can be recognized when they carry swords, spears and melee weapon.

    1. RESTRAIN - Fully prevents them from using offensive skills.
    2. SLOW - You must, after preventing them from using offensive skills they will resolve in using normal attacks, this will reduce their attack speed and potion cool down. (force version of viral inject)
    3. ENTANGLE - Is the logical choice if you wish to run, given that they are sturdy and if cannot be killed 1on1, good for chasing/overtaking enemies.
    4. INDIVIDUAL CANCELLATION - Removes all buff, thus reducing attack power, crit rate etc
    5. VULNERABILITY/WEAKNESS - Necessary for taking down the warrior by amplifying the damage.

    RANGERS - The most common ranger class that you'll be against an accretian is the Annihilator or strikers, true, they have the highest damage and can 1-2 shot a Force user using they're however this can be negated and or prevented by the most common key debuff and yes, force user can win 1on1 with Annihilator.

    1. RESTRAIN - The 1st common key debuff, it prevents the strikers from using their 2 class skills. increases your chance for survival.
    2. SLOW - The 2nd common key debuff, once they can't use skills, they will resolve on normal attacks. To survive the critical attacks, you must reduce their attack speed. Also increasing potion cooldown, preventing 'out-potting' you damage.
    3. ENFEEBLEMENT - Reducing the damage also reducing the aoe/splash damage thus reducing efficiency during mass pvp.
    4. VULNERABILITY/WEAKNESS - Amplifying your damage, coupled with slow you can take down the sieged striker.
    5. INDIVIDUAL CANCELLATION/SLOTH - Given that most Annihilator are dodge build, these spells can reduce their dodge greatly otherwise proceed with aoe.

    [editors note: cast the 3 key debuff and not entangle, against Annihilator, keep in mind that you need to survive 1st by negating them otherwise you cannot win against them. DO NOT ENTANGLE sieged ANNIHILATOR, DO NOT AOE attack moving target]

    SPECIALIST - These class are accretias debuffer class and like force debuffers, they are valuable key during pvp. Take note, they can debuff you to prevent you from casting offensive spells but they cannot prevent you from throwing debuff.

    1. BLIND SIGHT - Key on negating debuffers. You cannot click what you cannot see, and you can target what you cannot click.
    2. ENTANGLE - Reducing their speed is one way to make them immobile and prevents them from seeing the potential targets around them.
    3. VULNERABILITY/WEAKNESS - Amplifying your damage

    [editors note: stuck? accretian specialist spamming you debuff? try these: throw GM blind sight, refresh, move to distance, debuff and nuke away. works on rangers too, especially the MARKSMAN]

    NOTE: SLOW increases the cooldown of Cure Chargers which reduces the duration of debuffs.

    WARRIORS - Most bellato warriors you can see are either BERZEKERS or SHIELD MILLERS, negating them can render them useless. In some occasions you can be againsts ARMSMAN too who have high HIT/ACCURACY

    1. RESTRAIN - Prevents from using double crash, and other offensive skills
    2. SLOW - Reducing attack speeds and reducing the efficiency of potions.
    3. SLOTH - Will reduce the HIT and DODGE
    4. INDIVIDUAL CANCELLATION - Removes all buff, thus reducing attack power, crit rate etc.
    5. VULNERABILITY/WEAKNESS - Amplifying your damage for easily taking down the melee warriors.

    RANGERS - Most BELLATO rangers prefer using GUN. Guns are known for having better attack speed than bow, and having good crit rates. Its rare to see a ranger having def build, so expect it having a dodge build. Rangers armors are known for having the lowest defense but has the highest elemental resistance

    1. ENTANGLE - Ranger armors has movement bonus so entangle will negate their movement speed.
    2. INDIVIDUAL CANCELLATION/OFFENSIVE CANCELLATION - Rangers has may usefull buff that must be removed, this removes SNIPE buff, EVASION, AGILITY and VELOCITY.
    3. SLOW/SLOTH - Reduces the dodge of range as well as the attack speed, also negating the class skill that reduced the attack coold own.
    4. VULNERABILITY/WEAKNESS - Further reducing the armor defense of the ranger and negating the elemental resistance as well.
    5. RESTRAIN - Prevents from spamming EAGLE CRUSH

    SPIRITUALIST - Most common class under SPIRITUALIST would be the HOLY CHANDRA, which is a support HEALER, DODGER, NUKER and DEBUFFER. Throwing the right debuff will negate its function.

    1. REPRESS - Preventing to throws debuff, initial debuff to prevent you from being debuff-locked
    2. CONTAIN - Spiritualists are known for having wide variety of AoE, they are also known as nuker.
    3. OFFENSIVE CANCELLATION - Removes the buffs, such as VELOCITY and AGILITY
    4. SLOW/SLOTH - HEAL has 2 second cool down this further increases it to 4 seconds. SLOTH reduced DODGE.
    5. ENTANGLE - Prevents from walking and hiding during mass PvP
    6. VULNERABILITY/WEAKNESS - Reducing defense and elemental resistance.

    NOTE: SLOW increases the cooldown of refresh which removes the targets last debuff.

    WARRIORS - CORA warriors are known for having a considerable amount of attack buff while having the strongest MELEE attack as class skill.. Tanks also has good deff buff.

    1.RESTRAIN - Prevents from casting Full Swing
    2.INDIVIDUAL CANCELLATION - strips of current buff
    3.STIFFLE - Prevents from further casting CLASS SKILL buff.
    4.SLOW - Increases the cool down of potions for Black Knights, and increasing the cool down of skills.
    5.VULNERABILITY/WEAKNESS - Amplifying the damage against the melee warriors.

    RANGERS - The most common cora ranger class would be the ADVENTURERS or marksman which takes pride with having high range and 5 skills which can be spammed. Rangers are known for having lower def

    1. BLIND SIGHT - Key to negating the ADVENTURERS high range is to reduce its sight, thus making it to get closer or run away from ADVENTURERS.
    2. RESTRAIN - Prevents from continuously casting offensive skill.
    3. INDIVIDUAL CANCELLATION - strips of current buff
    4. SLOTH - Reduces the dodge and removing the high AIM rate.
    5. VULNERABILITY/WEAKNESS - Amplifying the damage against the rangers.

    SPIRITUALIST - Majority of cora classes are made of SPIRITUALIST which play a variety of roles such primary damage dealing class, debuffer and buffer. They are still vulnerable as most of them prefer defense. Taking the SUMMONER, removes the summoned ANIMUS

    1.REPRESS - Preventing to throws debuff, initial debuff to prevent you from being debuff-locked
    2.CONTAIN - Prevents SPIRITUALIST from casting offensive spells.
    3.OFFENSIVE CANCELLATION - Removes the buffs, such as VELOCITY and MIGHT
    4.VULNERABILITY/WEAKNESS - reducing defense and elemental resistance.
    5.STIFLE - Prevents from casting SUPER ANIMUS and LIFE CONFLICT buff.

    Please Note I did not write this, all credit in its entirety goes to clev98 of EQG
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