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    Some of you might be having a problem on logging in, because of the “Not Responding” and might be stuck on the “Waiting for Server Response” which is a sign that your client isn’t obviously working. I’ve been there on that issue but I have already resolved the problem. I’ve been receiving so many PM’s regarding this issue so that’s why I made this guide, so to get started.

    What are the causes for the client on not to respond?

    • Edited interface.
    • Added Mods/skins.
    • Skipped patch.
    • A month(s) of not logging in, on your client.

    Based on my observation those are the 4 major problems that which will result to “Not Responding “

    How to resolve the "Not Responding" :

    - You must first have your back-up/copy of RFOlympic files.

    - Separate the RFOlympic files that has an edited mods/skins/interface.

    - Separate the original RFOlympic files that has no mods/skins/interface edited.

    ( Save your back up files on your Flash Drive(8gb) / External ) When you already have the file, now delete all your RFOLYMPIC FILES that you have in your PC/LAPTOP.

    - Make sure all files has been deleted and have a back-up on your Flash Drive or External, after that copy your backed-up RFOLYMPIC FILES on DATA D placed it in a specific folder where you can easily find it. ( The copying of files may consume 15-20 minutes )

    - After the files have been successfully copied to data D. Open the launcher and let it update, you must wait until the updating is finished and DO NOT SKIPPED PATCH, after that - > ;

    - Create a shortcut of RF Olympic into your Desktop.

    - After creating a shortcut, right click the created shortcut on your desktop(launcher)

    - Right click the launcher -> Click Properties -> Click Compatibility ->

    - After you have already done that, next is;

    - Click the “ Run this Program in compatibility mode for: -> Click Disable Visual themes -> Click the Disable the display scaling on high DPI settings - >

    - Click OKAY and you’re ready to play.

    If you have created and enhanced your RFOlympic mods/skins/interface be sure to separate the file which hasn’t been edited. Adding too much mods and by passing the update/patch will result on not responding. All files should be separated the original files and edited RFOlympic files.


    Why we should disable the anti-virus?

    When you are about to insert your FLASH DRIVE/EXTERNAL on your PC/LAPTOP make sure you disable first the anti-virus before you start copying the files. If you did not disable your anti-virus and you have inserted your FLASH DRIVE/EXTERNAL your files will be deleted and will end up being corrupted.

    If you have further questions and clarifications about this guide please approach me immediately.

    Good day & Have a happy Gaming!

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