Guide: Safe Race Trade (Intermediary)

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  1. We have seen lot's of scammers in our server with different styles of scamming people. Here are the lists of some known scamming style.

    1. Friendly Style - He will act as a friend to you for some days, and when he got your trust, he will try to race trade with you which you will deal first your items and he will log out and hide or use other account with different character name.

    2. 100% Idiot Style - He will race trade with you directly and ask you to give your items first and without assurance you gave your items first.

    3. Impersonator Style - He will impersonate a famous player/GM/MOD and make a lowbie with the same name. ( ex. lvl.1 SexBaLL )

    4. Super Impersonator Style ( The most used one ) - He will ask a council trade, then create a character with the same name of the other player he was trading. (ex. SexBaLLs and SuperMe are trading, when SuperMe gave the items to the council, SexBaLLs will immediately create a fake char with the name [SuperMe] (or any name similar to the other player) and PM the council that the deal is already done and he will get the items, but in fact, there is no deal happened. ) He fooled both intermediary and the other player.


    1. NEVER TRUST ANYONE - Yeah, never trust anyone, but one must take a risk to trade. Never trade without an assurance of getting the items. Ask a GM to be an intermediary or a trusted player. But of course, the SUPER IMPERSONATOR STYLE can still happen. So how to counter it?

    2. SAFE TRADE WITH AN INTERMEDIARY - How? For intermediaries to have a safe trade.

    First - Get the character names of both players that will be used in both race. Get the exact name and case of letters or any symbols in the name.

    Second - Get the items of BOTH players in BOTH race. You must hold both items so that you, yourself can confirm that the items are really traded.

    Third - Give the items only to the character names listed in the First Step.

    At the end of the day, the one who READs and FOLLOWED the FORUM/SERVER Rules will have less chance of being scammed.

    Have a safe trade and Happy Gaming Everyone

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