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    NOTICE: Im only doing the Favour

    I know most of you will probably know how to do all this, but there are a few who dont, I myself had never upgraded this way before, so hopefully at least one person will find this guide helpful.

    Firstly what is an upgrader?
    An upgrader is a tool that lets you improve your armour and weapons by putting in talics, they can be talics to increase your attack power, defence, dodge and accuracy.
    There are two main types of upgraders, these are known as stable and unstable, as the name suggests the unstable ones are mainly down to chance wether it succeeds or not, if it fails the item your attempting to upgrade will be destroyed and only the upgrader will be left.
    Unfortunately all of the igno/keen upgraders are unstable, so there is a chance your weapon will blow p and you'll have to buy another.
    Stable upgraders, have 100% success rate and will never fail, these are the armour upgraders for the most part.
    The upgrader you get from the box can vary with the lowest being 3-6 and the highest 6-7 (this is both on unstable and stable upgraders)

    STEP 1:Upgraders
    These arent your regular upgrading tools that you need to use talics and gems with, these are the upgraders from the cash shop option which is located here on the bottom right on your screen (circled in Red)
    The page with all the upgraders on is Bounty, this makes it easy to find (circled in white)

    There are three main types of upgraders you'll generally want to use, they are Ignorance (Number 1) Favour (Number 2) and Favour Protection (Number 3)
    1 and 2 are found on page 3, and 3 is faound on page 4.

    The ignorance is for upgrading weapons, the Favour is for upgrading armour and the favour protection is for shields, these are the large variety of boxes which will give you the better upgraders.

    You click on whichever upgrader you need, and choose to however many you need ( I like to get a stack at a time), once you've bought them it'll go directly into your bag, the un-opened upgraders look exactly the same on the picture above.

    Now right click on the upgrader and it will give you something like this;
    Take note of the letters in the top left, the 'N' is for white armour, normal armour if you like, and the 'B' stands for Intense.
    There is another, which is Type-C and has an orange C in place of the N or B, but these are essentially worthless as 60+ wepaons/armour cant be turned into Type C.
    Note you only get one upgrader per box.

    So that's basically the upgraders you'll use here, there are others but the same process follows using them.
  2. STEP 2:Armour
    The armour you will preferably want to upgrade is the int armour as it offers more protection, and is sold at the Hero NPC in your races HQ, all the armour sold from the hero has 7 slots, but the int 65 can only be obtained through winning the CW (and thats a guide for someone else to do :p)

    If for example you were going to use the 4-6 B upgrader shown in the above picture the piece of armour needs to have at least six slots, and the armour is not allowed to have any talics already on it, it should look like this before you upgrade it;
  3. STEP3:How to upgrade

    At the Hero NPC, click on the item combine option (highlighted in gay blue)

    When that is clicked this menu;

    Now take the piece of armour you want upgrading and place it into a blank spot, and do the same with the upgrader, so it should look like this;

    Next you click the button in the middle which Ive highlighted with white, it'll tell you it costs 100k of your money to combine, click ok and off it goes.

    This (with the favour and favour protection) is what the end result will look like;

    Click on OK or COntinue, it doesnt really matter which and your shiny newly upgraded armour will go in your first clear bag space.
  4. And this is the end result;

    As I said at the begining there are others and the same process follows, if your using the igno replace the armour with a weapon, and if its a shield replace the armour with a shield.

    ((This is my first guide so critiques welcome XD))
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