H.o.o.t.e.r.s. Guild

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  1. This is our new thread. This time, please do not abuse it like you did before.


    Guild Leader:


    Rules and Regulations:
    • 100% English in guildchat
    (3 strikes and you're out. This is the 1st warning)
    • No Guildhoppers, Once you're out you won't be accepted back
    • No Beggars, Items will not be given.
    • Racism will not be tolerated under any circumstance
    • Active in CW and guild activities
    • Follow the Guildleader and the Senates
    • Never wisperblock your character
    • Having Ventrilo is a must. Online ingame = Online in Vent.
    • Must know how to distict a joke from an insult

    Does This Sound Appealing To You?
    In order to apply; State your ingame name and class here.
    Follow a format like this:

    IGN: Daedulus
    Ventrilo Name: Ismador
    Class: Trapper

    I don't care about your weapons, armors and past achievements.
    Fun and Friendly is all that matters to me.
  2. RFOlympic INFO

    RFOlympic INFO RFOlympic INFO

  3. Starting a fresh thread, please keep it down this time people!
  4. Hello people, have a look at the guild rules, do not apply until you have read and understood what is written in there and are willing to stay in the same guild regardless of the amount of time we play each day/week.
  5. Advance welcome to those who want to apply in our guild. Feel free to drop by on this thread or pm us in game to tell us if you want and why you want to join our guild. Will be looking forward to accept and bond with our newcomers.
  6. If I come back to Cora, can my RainbowColored still join the guild?
  7. sure :aa:
  8. Oray! :D. I have plans on rerolling again.
  9. Will you leave me? :confused:

    I saw Aladeen AFK during 3am War this days, i stopped beside him to see if he was really AFK, and he didn't move.
    :ag: :ag:
  10. LOL when was this? Might've been the time I went to the bathroom. :D I always go to CW whenever I can. I want the added CPT. :p
  11. cpt carebear :al:

    Joking :)
  12. Ofc not <3. But srsly, I hate Bells now at the moment.
  13. Welcome to the club. We all hate bells atm. :bo:
  14. Off Topic : Is in your sig my Wind Knife +7 that's with you?
  15. It's your knive, and still in my bell. :bk:
  16. Isma :D. Lemme burrow your legit in Bells XD
  17. There was a word for that

    Forgot what it was


    ah, i remember... :ab:

  18. With all the caps and exclaimation point! And this is what it looks like when a lowbie begs :3.
  19. It's yours now.
    Since i'm not playing and I have a knife that is more beautiful than that with Adam, take it to you.
  20. Awesome, I appreciate that :)

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